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Sample Letter of Recommendation [Negative]

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Most candidates ask for recommendation letter from their previous reporting manager or HR of the company. Before you draft a recommendation letter for any of your previous employee, you must go through their professional feedback records maintained with the Human Resource department. It is important you provide an appropriate recommendation and do not mention any fake information. If the employee was not able to complete their duties or had attitude problem or had several complaints lodged against them, then let the future employer know about it.

Letter of Recommendation-Negative

Oscar K. Villanueva,
Operations Manager,
4156 Elk Street,
Irvine, CA 92714.
(949)-733 1747.

Date: May 11, 2005.

Mr. Michael M. Duval,
HR Manager,
ETS Call Center,
4697 Meadow Lane,
Oakland, CA 94612.

Dear Mr. Duval,

This is to inform you that Peter Stevenson was an employee of ATS BPO from September 11, 2003 to February 28, 2004 and was fired from work, because of his misconduct at work. Even though he has a work experience of several years and various certifications for excellent customer service, his behavior at work is unethical.

During his tenure at our company, he worked in an inbound process and was responsible for handling customer's complaints over the phone and providing a proper resolution with in stipulated time. We had provided him professional telephone etiquettes training and process training, yet he did not follow proper procedures while attending customer call and gave rude reply to irate customers.

There were several complaints lodged by the customer against him for rude behavior and providing wrong resolution. We had issued several warnings and re-trained Peter, but he did not pay heed to our efforts. We even changed the process he worked for and assigned him to a simpler process with less incoming calls, but there was no scope for improvement. Hence, we had to ask him to resign from his job.

As Peter Stevenson would not be an ideal candidate for any customer service job, I would not recommend him for any job in your organization. Thank for your time and consideration.


Oscar K. Villanueva,,
Operations Manager,

Sample Letter of Recommendation-Negative

Henry A. Stewart,
Process Manager,
GTL Call Center,
234 Holden Street,
Goreville, IL 62939,

Date: October 14, 2011.

Mr. Charles K. Thomas,
HR Head,
Apex Call Center,
3919 Clair Street,
Goreville, IL 62939.

Dear Mr. Thomas,

I am writing this letter to inform you that Tony Peterson worked as customer service agent with GTL Call Center from June 25, 2009 to December 15, 2010. He did not prove to be a good customer service agent during his tenure at our organization.

Tony Peterson was recruiter as an entry-level candidate for customer service agent job profile in an outbound process. His duties were to interact with customers to collect order of goods and services, encouraging probable customers to buy companies' products and generate a database of new potent customers through contacts of already existing accounts.

Even after providing complete customer service training and supervisors help, he was unable to achieve the targets assigned to him. He was unable to convince customers to buy in-demand products. Even after several warnings there was no improvement in his performance. I would not recommend Tony Peterson for customer service job in an outbound process.

I hope that you consider my suggestion and do not recruit Tony Peterson for an outbound process job. I would like to thank you for your time.



Henry A. Stewart.
Process Manager,
GTL Call Center

The samples provided above are for your reference. You can make changes to these samples as per your preference. Make sure you mention all the facts and figures in the letter. Proof read the letter to keep it error free.


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