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When you have reached to the final stage of the hiring process, you start believing about the importance of the paper work. During the job search, you preserve all the emails, letters, and references used for communicating with the employer. This shows that you have taken care of everything at your end, and are serious about the job. Now, when an offer for the job is in the line, you must nail it down by writing a job acceptance letter.

The job acceptance letter written by you will serve as a reference for your salary agreement, joining date and other conditions you will be adhering to as an employee of the company. It is compulsory to include all the points in the letter that will affect your working in the future. The points are: salary you will be receiving, other benefits that are inclusive with the salary packages and any specific condition that is accepted by the employer. In the future, if there are any issues such as salary raise, work schedule, other terms, you can easily refer to this letter and get it clear with the human-resource manager.

When you start writing the job acceptance letter, thank the employer for offering you the job. State that you have decided to accept the offer. Ask them to treat the letter as a formal acceptance of the offer. Write the job position you have been appointed for, and the date you will start working with the employer. Include the salary you will be drawing annually. If there is any agreement regarding the salary hike or promotion, state it in the letter as well.

For example: "My starting salary will be $40,000. It is mutually agreed that after three months of completing my work in the company, the salary will be raised by 5%." Including such points in the letter will make the employer happy seeing that you had paid attention to the detail during the conversation, and are determined in staying longer with the company.

Job Acceptance Letter for Call Center Job

William D. Soria,
3314 Hillcrest Drive,
Tukwila, WA 98168,
(253)-000 1346.

Date: October 25, 2011.

Mr. Mark J. Reynolds,
Hiring Manager,
Perfect Call Center,
4219 Walnut Street,
Tukwila, WA 98165.

Dear Mr. Reynolds,

Thank you for calling me and offering the position of a customer service representative at your Washington center. The offer has truly gladdened my heart, and it is my privilege to accept your offer. I found the job profile matching with my academic background and interests. I am hopeful in providing the best customer care to your clients.

You have agreed to pay me a salary of $XXX annually. Further, I am also eligible for other benefits such as medical, insurance and night shift allowance from my joining day. I understand that I will have to work during weekends and in late night shifts. My responsibility will be to handle customers' call and solve their inquiries relating to airline ticketing. I will be answerable to Mr. Brian Davis until further instructions.

I will be joining you on November 23, 2011 once I have taken care of my accommodation problem. Till then, you can call me anytime you wish me to complete the joining formalities.

Yours sincerely,

William D. Soria

Before writing the job acceptance letter for a call center job, think carefully whether you want to make a career in the call center. Jobs in the call center have great responsibilities. Moreover, you have to demonstrate 100% accuracy, patient attitude and good flexibility, because you are required to work in evening and late night shifts. At times, the company would call you even during weekends. So, before accepting the job, listen to your heart's call. If you are prepared and motivated to start a call center career, then refer this job acceptance letter sample and help yourself in informing the employer about your decision for the offer.

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