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Sample Salary Negotiation Before Joining

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Applying for a job and getting it is an uphill task. It is like participating in a race where all contestants are struggling to bag the medal (here, it is the job). But, there has to be only one winner. Contenders, well-prepared with an effective cover letter, and a resume have greater chances of winning the race–the job.

Now that you are the winner and have won the title (job), it is time to calculate the returns you have struggled for–the salary. Before actually bargaining on the salary issue, you should first decide what you are expecting in return for your efforts, and the hard work that you have put in proving yourself worth for the job. Be prepared with a figure on your mind when you are called by the employer to negotiate the salary.

Most of the companies have their own process of screening deserving candidates. Depending on the process, a slab will be built for your salary, which may go against you. If you really to want to accept the job, you should be able to turn the table on the employer. The best way to play the salary-game is to request the employer to sleep on the offer for few days. But, take care that the time you need to make the final decision does not test the employer's patience.

Once the employer has given you time, do not sit and relax thinking you have already bagged the job. Instead, try to look for some other company. This will help you to find the difference between salaries offered for the same job. Moreover, there is nothing you will lose in trying, because you already have an offer in your hand. If the new company is offering you more salary, but you still want to join the previous one, then you can try to negotiate the salary.

This is where your professionalism and diplomatic attitude would be put to test. You should try to negotiate with the employer in a manner that is sound and one which express your interest to work with them, but as per your expectations. The best thing will be to write a cover letter for salary negotiation to the company addressing the person who can review your salary.
Here is a sample letter written for negotiating salary for an administrative job.

Salary Negotiation before Joining

Tracy T. Jackson,
1228 Ash Avenue,
Saint Louis, MO 63108,
(314) xyz-7913.

Date: October 8, 2011.

Mr. Gary K. Freitag,
HR Manager,
ABC Associates Ltd.,
1275 Findley Avenue,
Saint Louis, MO 63108.

Dear Mr. Freitag,

Working in your company as an Administrative Manager has been my long–time wish. And when I received the offer letter yesterday afternoon, I was like on the cloud nine. I have always admired the way your company handles the administrative work.

My managerial experience for the past seven years could contribute a lot in your company, and I also acknowledge that I have a better prospect in your company. I truly appreciate the way you conducted my interview and walk me around the company's premises.

However, I feel the salary for someone with seven years of experience is too less than my expectation. My expectation was 40% hike than what I am actually drawing at the moment. I have worked with national and multinational companies. I have handled lots of projects and successfully coordinated with every single member of the organization I have worked in. I have handled all the projects with utmost care, and I am quick problem solver.

I have lots of references and testimonial to my credit that can help you to review the salary offered. I am confident that my salary expectation is not out of the way. As you know, every candidate changes his/her job with a minimum expectation of 40% rise in the current salary. And that is all I am expecting from your company.

Since I want to you a part of your company and help in its growth, I sincerely request you to re-consider and look into this matter once again. Please call me so that we can discuss the salary-issue in person.

           I eagerly await your response.


Tracy T. Jackson.

Negotiating salary with the company is a sensitive issue. You have to persuade the hiring manager in accepting your demands. However, your demands should have some solid reasons behind it. This sample cover letter for salary negotiation correctly describes why the candidate's salary is worth reconsidering.

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