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Sample Acknowledging Job Offer Cover Letter

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During the recruitment process, you may receive job offers from several companies. After receiving a job offer, your immediate reaction would be to send an acknowledgement letter. It is important to have a professional approach, when you are drafting these letters. Let the employer know that you are elated to receive the job offer. If any details in the offer letter send to you are not clear, then you can ask for clarification through the acknowledgement letter you send. You can enclose documents along with this letter, if the employer has asked you to submit any official documents.

Those candidates, who had asked the employer to extend the date of joining, should thank the employer, if the employer has accepted their request. Use professional letter writing format, when you are drafting this letter. It is important that your job offer letter should have a positive approach. If you are telling the employer that you are still thinking about the job offer, do not mention anything negative, because you have yet not joined the company. Letters are best way of communication during the recruitment process. You can use the acknowledgement letter provided below for your reference.

Acknowledging a Job Offer

Anthony T. Durham,
4348 Tree Top Lane,
Camden, NJ 08102,

Date: February 15, 2005.

Mr. Steve A. Vega,
HR Manager,
Alpha Corporate Services,
1678 B Street,
Saint Paul, MN 55104.

Dear Mr. Vega,

I am acknowledging your letter, offering me the position of office administrator with Alpha Corporate Services. I thank you for this consideration and for this great opportunity.

After meeting you and getting a fair insight of you company during the interview, I had made my mind to be on board. However I haven't surpassed the deadline of March 1, 2005, and therefore would like to make the most of my decision. I would come back to you with a response before March 1, 2005, and I hope that my decision would be in the best interest of your firm as well as my future career.

I thank you for giving enough time to take this decision and I would appreciate if you call me, in case, you have any queries.

I thank you once again for your time and your consideration.


Anthony T. Durham.

Sample Letter for Acknowledging a Job Offer

James L. Galloway,
2644 Bloomfield Way,
Stockton Springs, ME 04981,
Home: (207)-567-7288,

Date: January 8, 2006.

Lawrence V. Noel,
Recruitment Head,
Aegis Corporate House,
3210 Pine Street,
Stockton Springs, ME 04981.

Dear Mr. Noel,

This is to inform you that I have received the job offer letter send by you for the post of Lead administrator. I am obliged that you considered me suitable for the job. I thoroughly understand the level of job proficiency expected from me.

I assure you that, I will let you know about the acceptance of job offer within the stipulated time provided by you. I am grateful that you provided me enough time to think about this job offer. As per the job offer document sent by you, the salary offered to me is $45,000 per annum. I would like to know about exact salary break up and taxes applied. Please provide me the details about the salary break up. Please let me know if you need any details.

Thank you for selecting me for the post of Lead administrator. Please contact me on the contact numbers provided above, if I need to submit any other official documents. Thank you for taking out time from you busy schedule to go through my letter.


James L. Galloway

The samples provided above can be used as guideline, when you draft your job offer acknowledgement letters. Use readable and professional fonts to draft these letters. Proofread the document to remove mistakes. There should be no spelling, typographic and grammar mistake in the letter.

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