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In this section you will find sample other cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on other jobs.

Other Cover LetterCover letter and resume should be sent when you apply for any job. When you learn about any job opening you need to approach the organization in a professional manner. Owing to the tough competition around us, we need to have the right approach when we apply for any job. Sending a well-written, error-free, customized cover letter will create right impression on the employer. Sending a generic cover letter is a common mistake committed by most job applicants. This section contains other cover letters that can be used for job opening in different fields such as circus, copywriting, disaster relief or store management.

Tips for writing other cover letters are as follows:

Contact details: The letter should start with your address details, below it mention date and then mention the employer's details. The employer's details must include the employer's name, their designation, and the address of the employer. If you don't know the name or designation of the recipient, then research and find these details. Mentioning these details creates a good impression. Start the letter using proper salutations such as Dear Mr. Jones William.

Introduction paragraph: This paragraph must include details about the exact job opening you are interested in, your qualification or work experience that makes you eligible for the job and why you desire to work with this organization. Those who have irrelevant work experience or do not have any work experience need to highlight the skills they gained during their college or previous jobs. Example: As per our telephonic discussion, I would like to work with the jumbo circus as the lead acrobat. I have work experience of working with the carnival circus. I have designed and managed several acrobat shows for over 7 years. I am open to tour around the world along with your circus.

Body paragraph: The body of the cover letter must include details of your skills, work experience and achievements. Young graduates need to emphasize their academic achievements, inter-college participation and skills gained through internship. Candidates with work experience need to place emphasis on their strengths and skills they gained through their previous work experience. Explain how you would be helpful for the organization. The employer should know how you will be beneficial to the organization, if they recruit you. Do not make fake claims. You can mention you your achievements from previous organization. Use bullet points to mention the targets achieved, performance improvements, any awards for your performance or increase in the percentage of profit. Those applying for work in disaster relief organization can mention their details as follows – I have worked as an architect with ABC private limited for the past 8 years. I have a degree in architecture from California state university. I have experience of working with disaster rehabilitation, non-profit organizations that helped in reconstruction of several homes after the Hurricane Hugo. My experience of working under adverse condition and under limited resources will help me give my best if I get a chance to work with your organization.

Concluding paragraph: In the last paragraph, thank the employer for their time. Mention your desire to attend an interview and work for their organization. Thank them for considering you for the job. Provide your email-id and contact number in the last paragraph so that the employer can call you for an interview.

Concluding the letter: Write a formal and professional closing. Mention your name and sign in the space above your name. Provide the list of documents you have enclosed along with the cover letter.

The other cover letters on this site include cover letter for varying job profiles that you can use for reference. These cover letters can be edited, modified and used as per your preference. The circus cover letter can be used to apply for job at a circus. It helps you to highlight the appropriate details to get the job. The disaster relief cover letter can be used by those who are searching for work in any non-profit or disaster relief organization. Use professional formal language when you write the cover letter. The cover letter should be error free and readable. Proof read the cover letter before sending it to the employer.

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