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Sample Disaster Relief Cover Letter

Disaster Relief Cover Letter

Disaster relief cover letters are written in the event of applying for a job at a site that is affected by a natural disaster such as floods, earthquakes, hurricane, hailstorm, tsunami or storm. The situation during such disasters is quite critical and tensed. Most people are unaware of what needs to be done in such situation. Education the people and making them aware of some safety precautions along with providing the necessary help to cope up with the situation is very vital.

The country at such times requires a lot of professionals and experts to overcome the fear and pain of the masses. Reconstructing the damage caused to property in also on the list. The responsibility is handled over to professionals who can perform the work smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Professionals and experts applying for such jobs need to be very efficient in their work. If the candidate is experienced working in such situations then it becomes an added advantage. While drafting such cover letters, candidate should describe their past experiences and exhibit maturity in performing tasks. They should be well learned about the situation and portray their skills effectively. The cover letter should make the relief organizers feel that the candidate is the best candidate who could prove very helpful in the current situation.

Given below is a sample cover letter for disaster relief. Candidates can use the letter as reference before drafting a cover letter for disaster relief.

Sample Disaster Relief Cover Letter

Oscar H. Hicks,
4726 Arthur Avenue,
Princeton, IL 61356,
(815)-875 4453.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Arthur K. Gagne,
Disaster Relief Works,
2467 Layman Court,
Atlanta, GA 30328.

Dear Mr.Gagne,

I was reading the New York Times on the Web this morning, and was very impressed by an article describing your and Relief Works contribution to the restoration efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Bonnie. Having experienced more than a few hurricanes here in Jamaica, I am quite familiar with the desperate situation you are in, at the moment. I would like to offer my expertise in architecture or construction, and am writing to inquire whether your association has any positions available.

For the past three years I have worked as an architect at FICO, my family's contracting firm in Coho Rios, Jamaica. I graduated from the University of the West Indies in Barbados in 1990 with a degree in Engineering, and studied architecture in the United States at New York University. In addition, I have experience with both non-profit groups and disaster assistance; during my studies in the US, I participated in several Habitats for Humanity projects and after Hurricane Hugo, my entire family donated our services to neighbors affected by the storm.

Though I enjoy working in Jamaica, I would like to broaden my horizons. I think that working for a project like yours would be a great way to both expand my skills and contribute something to the Caribbean community. I do have some knowledge of the Spanish language, and am eager to learn more. If there is a position available at Relief Works, I do hope that you will consider me. I have enclosed a copy of my resume, and a letter of reference from a manager at Habitat. In any event, if you wish to talk to me, please feel free to call me on the above mentioned number.

I thank you very much for your time and wish you good luck with your project.



Oscar H. Hicks.


Apart from the skills, experience and maturity, the candidate should also feel for the people and the situation in general. The willingness to help people is very important for candidates who wish to apply for such jobs.


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