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Sample Technical Writer Cover Letter

Technical writers are in great demand. They are needed in every sector, whether it is a manufacturing, service providing, bank, information technology, or a natural resource company. Their role is to research the projects' requirements and collect information from all possible sources. They take help of the internet, libraries and talk to the experts in the field while starting their work. Once the information is gathered, they compile and translate the technical terms and jargons into simple sentences keeping in view the intellectual capacity of an average reader.

To avail the opportunities prevailing in the technical writing field, you have to send a cover letter with your resume to the employers. Since you are already from a writing field, the employers will be expecting something different as compared to average writers. Therefore, you should not take the cover letter lightly and spoil the chance of getting a job offer.

On the cover letter, you will be providing information about your relevant skills and experience. You may be having varied experience, but this does not mean you should add everything thing in the cover letter. Moreover, do not consider the cover letter a source to brag about your skills and qualifications. It should be an honest declaration about your work history. If you are exaggerating and lying it, then you will have to face the consequences at the time of an interview or in the job if you are selected, somehow.

Since lots of technical writing revolves around ethics in passing on the information, you must demonstrate your ethical attitude in the cover letter. Bending towards unethical practices is unprofessional, and it is considered illegal as well. So, be candid and represent yourself in a professional and ethical manner. This will surely help you in presenting yourself in a neat and clean manner.

Technical Writer Cover Letter

Christopher E. Johnson,
3329 Tree Frog Lane,
Lawson, MO 64062,
(816)-000 7659.

Date: November 4, 2011.

Mr. Shawn B. Miller,
HR Manager,
ABC Software,
3417 Bobcat Drive,
Washington, MD 20200.

Dear Mr. Miller,

I found your job advertisement published in today's Times Newspaper very attractive since it is concerned with my skills and qualifications as a technical writer. I am hereby, applying for the advertised position. I have a master's degree in Information Technology and four years of technical writing experience. I am confident in creating users' manuals and technical documents in view with clients' specifications, and audience-oriented.

In addition to my ability in programming software, I am efficient in creating technical documents in English and German language as well. My ability in producing concise, precise and on-time projects will ensure that no clients of your organization are left creeping about the quality and deadline of the projects.

In these four years, I have written, edited technical documents for a number of software products that are used in airlines, insurance, banks, shopping malls, and for software companies outsourcing technical writing jobs. I have a good understanding about the document style and layout. As a technical writer, I understand the importance of interpersonal skills. And I apply it in my work efficiently.

My research skills help me in collecting and compiling information in an organized manner. At times, I can also manage the technical team and assign them work as per their area of expertise. The enclosed resume will talk about the valuable contribution I can bring to your company.

As I am aware about your busy schedule, I will contact you in seven days from this date to decide the day and time of our possible meeting. I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Please accept my gratitude beforehand for considering my application.

Yours sincerely,

Christopher E. Johnson


Technical writing is a very lucrative career. The reward it carries tempts many to pursue this career. However, it is not easy to become a technical writer. Your language should be good, and you must be able to grasp the technicality involved in the job. If you can transform all the complex information into simple and precise sentences, then refer this sample cover letter, and you will be on your way in creating an impressive letter.

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