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Sample Technical Training Instructor Cover Letter

There are tremendous job opportunities for technical instructors. If you really want to grab one of those opportunities, then it is compulsory to draft a cover letter to ensure that your resume is read, and you receive a call from the employer.

The technical training instructor cover letter should follow a particular format. It should include your personal information at the top of the letter, preferably centered-aligned. The receiver of the letter should know how to contact you by reading your name, address, contact number and email address.

Include the date and the receiver's address after your personal information. Address it to the person who can consider your application. The cover letter should land in the hand of the person responsible for hiring.

Start the letter with 'Dear' and the last name of the person whom the letter is sent. If the name is not known, then use 'sir,' or 'madam'. However, beware of the names that are used for both males and females. Otherwise, it will be quite embarrassing for the reader to read it.

Let the recipient know at the beginning of the body paragraph which job position you are applying for, and how did you learn about it. State that your skills and experience are matching with the job position, and refer to your attached resume.

The following paragraph will explain the reader why you feel yourself as the right candidate for the job. Include a summary of the relevant skills and experience that suits with the job. Ensure that you are not adding the same thing that is in your resume. Customize it according to the job requirements.

Next paragraph should request the reader for an interview. State how and at what time you are reachable. You can inform about your follow-up plan as well. Lastly, thank the reader for reading your application, and express your interest in joining the company.

Technical Training Instructor Cover Letter

Ronnie G. BallRonnie G. Ball,
631 Harron Drive,
Annapolis, MD 21401,
(443)-000 6923,

Date: November 8, 2011.

Mr. Robert M. Davis,
Hiring Manager,
ABC Corporation,
108 College View,
Annapolis, MD 21400

Dear Mr. Davis,

I came to know from Mr. Dave Richard, an accountant in your company, about the vacancy of a technical training instructor position in ABC Corporation. I have requisite skills and experience of four years in providing technical training to employees and clients. My attached resume will talk about my similar work experience at length. Please consider this application for the available position.

My work summary is as follows:

  • Developed and conducted training programs in relation to installation, programming, safety, repair, testing and maintenance of equipment and machine such as 20 Ton Punch Press, Colloid Mills, and Sweco Sifter.

  • Coordinated with management and departmental heads about the training programs to ensure full attendance in the training.

  • Wrote training manuals, handouts, and drawn sketches to help the employees to understand the technical description of machines easily, and to use it safely.

  • Designed, supervised and conducted technical exams and rated employees according to their merit.

  • Trained customers belonging to other nationalities and provided training materials for installation and maintenance practices of machines used in manufacturing industry.

I am good in communicating my thoughts in a simple and clear manner to all training attendees. I always apply new things in my training to ensure that the details are understood even by the less intellectual person. I would love to bring this similar skill to your company.

Is it possible for you to arrange a meeting in the coming week any day and time that suit for you? Please inform me about your convenience either by a call or an email. I want to thank you for reading my application, and for our possible meeting.


Ronnie G. Ball

Enclosure: Resume

Technical instructor should be proficient in the art of training. Both man and machine depend on the knowledge imparted by the technical instructors. Even a small mistake in providing training could harm the man and machine in a greater way. Therefore, technical instructors are expected to have complete knowledge about their trade. If you are confident about your skills, then refer the above tips and sample cover letter to get the job.

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