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Sample Technical Support Cover Letter

Technical people are always in demand. Whether it is an engineering project, an information technology company, or a company providing back-office services to their clients, technical support is needed to ensure the smooth running of the operations. Technical support personnel are trained individuals with a technical background.

When searching for a job in the respective technical field, you have to write a cover letter. The recruiters would like to know about your personal qualities relating to the job. As you cannot talk about this in your resume, the cover letter is the right opportunity to describe your personality and to communicate your personalized message to the employers.

The job description for the technical support position will vary among companies. So, when writing your technical support cover letter, try to create it differently each time you are applying. But then you must be able to customize it according to the job description. This will help the readers to match your profile with their requirements.

The point is that every cover letter is written to impress the recruiters and to sit in front of the interviewer. Remember, an effective cover letter has the potential to turn the wind in your favor and get you through the selection process.

Like any other cover letters, technical support cover letter provides a platform to introduce you and make a claim for the position. You can express your desire to work in the company through your cover letter, which you cannot do on your resume. The resume will present your technical qualifications, but it will not highlight your personal attributes. So, do not get bogged down and start rejoicing in writing the cover letter.

Technical Support Cover Letter

Luciano Bennett,
350 Support Street,
Technical City, Network State 00000,
(515)-000 7139 .

Date: October 3, 2011.

Ms. Carrie Bresnan,
Hiring Manager,
ABC Communications,
120 University Street,
Analytical City, Computer State 00000.

Dear Mr. Bresnan,

Are you looking for a highly qualified and experienced technical support person with over six years of experience? If yes, then your search ends here as you can find from my enclosed resume that I have performed on the similar role successfully for the past six years.

I have the knowledge and experience to install, configure, and troubles-shoot all hardware and software problems. I am an efficient person who can do my work without any supervision, but this does not mean that I do not work in a team. I understand the concept of team work and cooperate with them as a thorough professional.

I am skilled in analyzing technical problems and I can find solutions within the expected time. I can communicate technical problems to clients in simple and understanding language on the phone as well as through emails and letters.

I am an organized person who can prioritize jobs. For me, providing the best customer-care is the top priority on my list. I can handle any critical situations in a professional manner. That is the reason many customers recommend me whenever they face any problems.

I have done my bachelor's in computer science from AAA University. Occasionally, I also take certification courses as and when there is any new technology introduced in the information technology field.

With my employment, I will bring my technical and business knowledge to contribute in your company's growth. I am well adept in adopting myself to any new working environment.

If given a chance to meet you, I can describe in length about my contribution for your company. I will check with you about the prospect of our meeting after a week's time. Thank you for your time, effort and patience in reading this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Luciano Bennett

Enclosure: Resume

Here, the writer is trying to grab the reader's interest in the introductory paragraph by asking a question. This means it is an unsolicited cover letter. The introduction will be different when you are responding to a job advertisement. Nevertheless, you should still create your introduction paragraph in a different way to glue the readers' eye on your cover letter.


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