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Sample Technical Illustrator Cover Letter

Technical illustrators are responsible for creating attractive designs with the help of a computer or by hand. They are in line with graphic designers, but with few extra tools in their designing arsenal. Creating pictures, drawings and photographs as per clients' specifications are daily activity undertaken by technical illustrators. To follow a career of illustrator, you should be a creative person, have good understanding about design, and ability to create illustrations focused on clients' needs.

The competition in this creative field is tougher. You have to be armed to the teeth in order to find the deserving job. The preparation should start by creating a cover letter, which could help you in meeting the hiring managers. You have to apply your illustration skills in drafting the letter.

Consider the following tips for writing your technical illustrator cover letter.

Your contact information with name, address, phone number and email address is necessary. We have seen cover letters starting with the date, and receivers' contact information, sans writers' contact details. This will not fetch you the interview call, even if you deserve it. So, make a point to add it on the top as the header of the letter.

Start of the letter
Address the reader in a formal tone. If you are not sure about the name or gender of the reader, start with 'Dear Sir/Madam,' or 'Dear Hiring Manager.' The start of the letter should answer the question readers would have in their minds. Such as: why you are writing this application letter and for which position, and how you got the information about the job opening?

Experience and Qualification
In the next paragraph, express your confidence in the advertised position. Refer to the requirements listed in the job advertisement. Sometime, it is impossible to fit in the frame of requirements completely. In such cases, you should stress on those things you are capable of meeting. However, try to ignore those requirements that are out of your capabilities. See to it that you are giving genuine information about your qualifications and experience in the cover letter.

Add few words of courtesy for the reader and include your actions in following up the letter.

Technical Illustrator Cover Letter

Edward F. Smith,
3986 Tail Ends Road
Green Bay, WI 54303,
(930)-000 7592.

Date: November 3, 2011.

Mr. Mickey M. Lafortune,
Recruitment Manager,
Spectacular Art Studio,
2850 Freshour Circle,
Green Bay, WI 54303.

Dear Mr. Lafortune,

Being a technical illustrator, many times I have visualized myself working in a studio surrounded by a team who has revolutionized the creative world of TV commercials. And when I read in today's Times Newspaper that you are looking for a technical illustrator, I realized my visualization was not wrong. This application is just a beginning in shaping my visualization into a reality.

With a master's degree in fine arts and six years of experience, I am confident that when you meet me, you will stop interweaving other applicants. I am an artist and have contributed my skills in creating numerous corporate logos, and promotional events. To name one of my recent achievements, I would like you to recall the shoes commercial of ABC Company being shown in all the leading channels. The ad was conceptualized, designed and made possible because of my ability to think out of the league.

As stated in my enclosed resume, I have created lots of three–dimensional images for clients. I have the ability to create storyboard sketches and to draw animated illustrations according to the character and demand of the story. I am comfortable in drawing illustration on computer and with hands. I have a strong memory and can draw anything I have seen once.

Please consider my application, and answer my phone call I will be making next week for an appointment. I would love to contribute my artistic skills in making more creative products for your company. Thank you for publishing the job opening.


Edward F. Smith

Enclosure: Resume

See to it that you follow whatever you have committed in the cover letter. Do not be over confident and expect a call from the company. Refer this sample cover letter and add your own creativity in explaining your skills and interest for the position.

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