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Tutor is someone who is qualified in giving private lessons in a particular subject to a single student or to a group of students. Tutors can be employed by individuals who want someone to assist their children in a particular subject, or by an elementary school.

A tutor cover letter is the inevitable part of your job search for the teaching position. Since your strength as a tutor will depend on how well you are transforming your knowledge to students, you should be able to convey your message effectively to person, organization you are seeking employment with.

In general, all cover letters contain the same information such as introduction, qualifications and experiences. However, it is possible to customize a cover letter depending on the employers’ needs. The cover letter format you choose will depend on what level you are applying for the job.

First, have a proper understanding about the job description. The writing part will be much easier, and the words will start flowing from your pen instantly. As a tutor, your job will be to assist students in their studies. You will have to find out what subject students need improvement and the reason they are lacking behind. In addition, you should also have the ability to help students as per their intelligence level. This is not an easy task since no students can understand the same way you are teaching. You also have to change your teaching style from time to time as per the students’ needs.

So, your tutor cover letter should convey your ability to assist in students’ education and training. The employers should know that you have the knowledge to understand children’s mind and can adapt the style of teaching as per their needs.

Next part of your job is to evaluate the progress of the students you are teaching. Evaluating the students’ progress will help you to find the room for improvements. In addition, you must also evaluate your own teaching skills just to ensure that every single student is getting your assistance and attention.

To inform your evaluation skills, you can write: “In my five years of tutoring experience, I have prepared a spreadsheet that has helped me in evaluating students’ progress and to focus on the areas of improvements. At times, I have even evaluated my own teaching skills by speaking with children individually and in groups.”

Another essential quality tutors must have in their tools is the motivation power. Students need motivation to perform well in studies and other co-curricular activities. As a tutor, your job will be to infuse positive qualities and make the learning experience fun and enjoyable.

Let the employers know that you have the trade tricks, and the ability to motivate students in studies and other activities. You can describe this trait as: “Many students find it impossible to learn math. They even hesitate to participate in any other activities due to some inferiority complex. With my motivating power, I have helped them to defeat their fear, and they have excelled in their subject as well as participated with confidence in all activities held in the school.

Teaching students are the primary part of tutors’ duty. However, they should also educate students on what to learn and what steps to follow while learning so that it is easy to understand and memorize. Tutors are also expected to teach students how to learn. They are responsible in inculcating good study habits in students.

These are the personal qualities you can include in your tutor cover letter. The employers will be pleased to know that you can perform additional tasks besides managing your primary responsibilities.

Mention your education qualifications and certification you have achieved by attending the National Tutoring Association (NTA). If there is any specific discipline you have taken your training in, describe it in the letter. Include your tutoring experiences of elementary school and from private tuition.

We hope, after reading this excerpt you will find it easy to write your tutor cover letter. If you still have doubts, then scroll down and find the links below for cover letter samples.


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