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Sample School Counselor Cover Letter

Counseling is needed in almost every stage of a personal and professional level. You can find a counseling job in number of places. Counselors are the trained professionals whose advices are taken when facing all types of problems. It could be health related, emotional, personal hardship, family problems, or even school related and career challenges. As a counselor you can find a job in counseling center, health care industry and schools.

Tips on writing a school counselor cover letter

  • Select a standard format to write your counselor cover letter. Start with an introduction. Let the readers know why we are writing them. If the letter is written for an advertised position, mention where you have read it. And in case you are writing it just to inquire for a possible opening, mention it as well. The letter should not be generic. It must have the name of the concerned person.

  • The body section of your counselor cover letter should open with an affirmation. State your experience and the place you have worked. For example: “I have four years’ of experience in counseling, and have worked in high schools. In this short span of my counseling career, I have given advice to many students, parents and teachers and have helped them to bring positive changes in their lives.”

  • You can create two or three paragraphs for the body section to describe your educational background and experiences. State your positive traits in this section. Show the readers that you have the kind of approach and personal attributes that will help you to exceed all their expectations.

  • Stress on skills that you have developed as a result of your work experience. Include your training and certifications in counseling and psychology.

  • The end part of your cover letter should inform the readers on how you can be helpful for their school. You can also request an interview or inform about your plans in following up with the readers.

School Counselor Cover Letter

Alexis J. Martin
1500 Counseling Way
Westbrook, ME 40925
Phone: (123) XXX-5290

September 26, 2011

Mrs. Jennifer Pierce
Committee Chairperson
St. Alana’s School
2450 Stoney Lonesome Road
Westbrook, ME 40920

Dear Mrs. Pierce,

Please accept my application for the position of School Counselor in your school. This letter is a response for the job advertisement in the Daily Newspaper. I have gone through the job requirements carefully, and I am confident in meeting your needs perfectly.

I have seven years’ of school counseling experience, and the skills to solve all types of problems students are facing due to some reasons. I have worked with both public and private schools, and I am comfortable in counseling students from all age-groups. I hold a diploma in counseling and psychology from ABC University. I have a persistence attitude and never give up unless the desired result is achieved through my counseling. I am a good listener, and I pay careful attention while listening to students’ problems.

Having gone through a similar phase during my academic career, I can easily understand the suffering of students. Perhaps, that is the reason why I chose a counseling career. Whether it is a social, emotional, grade securing, or a family-related matter, I can hit the pitch of the problem and provide an appropriate solution. I believe that students can perform well if they are motivated, and their confidence level is higher. With this view at the back of mind, I always to try to infuse a sense of confidence and aspires them to perform well in every discipline of their lives.

I have faith in myself to contribute in the growth and development of your school’s students on psychology, social, and emotional levels. I am a dedicated professional and truly understand the sensitivity involved in counseling job. Please call me for a personal meeting so that I can talk about my contributions at length. Thank you for the opportunity and your time.


Alexis J. Martin

Enclosure: Resume

As a school counselor, your job is to communicate with students, their parents and teachers to know and find a solution for their problems. Remember the core part of your job and try to apply it in your cover letter.


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