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Before dealing with the employer on salary negotiation, you must know what you are worth of, and the job's worth. In short, you need to evaluate yourself and find what qualification, experiences and skills you have in order to get a job and salary that will suit you. If you are capable, you can easily get a job of high salary. All you need to do is prove the employer that you deserve the salary you are asking for the job.

After knowing what you can deliver for the job because of your skills and experiences, you need to play tactfully when sending your application to the employer. Do not spill the beans first. Let the ball be in the employers' court and let them put their offer first. When asked about your salary expectation, try to find out the job responsibilities and the employers' expectation from you. If you need, you can simply state the salary range according to your study.

Sometimes, it is not possible that the employers would give up to your demand. If you need the job, try to think about the other things included in the compensation package. This could be annual leaves, medical insurances, retirement benefits, yearly bonus, performance incentives, traveling allowances, etc. If other benefits are compensating the low salary, then you definitely give a second thought on joining the job.

When an offer is finally made by the employer, do not jump on it. Instead, take your time. If you are really worth, the employers would raise the offer fearing you may not join them. Also, do not take more time in decision making. Call them, or write a salary negotiation cover letter before joining and express your willingness to join them as per your expected salary.

However, while drafting the salary negotiation letter, try to create a picture about all the possible things that are likely to happen as a result of your joining. Talk something good you noticed about the school while attaining your interview. Tell them you need to meet them and discuss about the salary on the table.

Salary Negotiation before Joining

Joseph B. Fields,
4467 Carson Street
Lexington, KY 40503,
(859)-000 7616.

Date: October 17, 2011.

Ms. Elizabeth Shipman,
St. Mary School,
20 Teaching Lane,
Lexington, KY 40502.

Dear Ms. Shipman,

Every meeting that I had with you during the selection process just kept aggravating my interest in joining one of the leaders in the education sectors. What is more astounding about your institution is the fact that it has given the most prominent political and business leaders to the country. This shows how determined you are in shaping the future of the country. I am thrilled to be a part of the strong and committed teaching force of your institute.

Another thing that I was impressed about your school was the modern and high tech infrastructure that you provide to students regardless of their social and financial status. I have never seen before the kind of laboratory and the library you have. The atmosphere your school provides is just enough to boost the students' confidence and interest in their studies. Moreover, I liked the policy you have in appraising performance of the staff. This will ensure elimination of biased attitude against one and all. In short, there is nothing more I would have asked for from the job, and as such I am eager to join your school very soon.

However, I would like to mention that I have an offer from XYZ School. The annual compensation package offered by them is higher by $5000 than yours. Before approving their offer, I would like to reiterate my interest in your school, and would love to see a revision accordingly in the annual compensation package.

As already conveyed during the interview about my dedication and passion for teaching, I would love to meet you again and converse on the salary issue in person. Please call me and let me know when it is possible for us to meet.


Joseph B. Fields

It is very tempting to accept the job offer that is paying you more than your expectation. However, it is better to be honest and place your demand in front of the employer you want to work with. No doubt, the final decision to accept your demand, or go for some other candidate will depend on the employer. Nevertheless, giving a try in negotiating the salary is always worth because you need not have to wait for years to draw your expected salary.


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