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The term ‘principal’ is very familiar to us as we have seen and met him/her while in our school, colleges or university. To write a principal cover letter, you must first know the job description of a principal. Principals have the same roles and responsibilities a boss in a corporate world has. They are the head of the school and are answerable for every activity going on in the school.

Job description of a principal

Being the head of the school, principals have wide responsibilities on their shoulder. First, they have to pay personal attention on the school’s administration. They take a round of the entire school premises at least once in the day. They are also required to inform school staff about any event school is planning to organize. The main role is to receive feedbacks from teachers and parents about the students’ progress.

Second, principals have to set a goal and a standard the school must strive to achieve. Working at the helm of the ship of school, principals must lead the entire team and set an example. They must make their expectation clear to each member of the school. In addition, they have to make sure that students, teachers and every staff member are following the rules and regulations as per their directions, because nothing can be achieved without following a discipline.

Third, principals have to see whether the school is adequately staffed. Right from the office peon, to the clerical and the teaching staff, all are appointed through a team led by them. Supervision of the staff is another important piece of principals’ responsibility. When new teachers are employed, principals attend that teacher’s class in order to find out their style of teaching. If necessary, they can also suggest some changes in their teaching.

Last, principals have to set the financial budget for the school as per the direction issued by the board of the authority. They have to prepare reports on staffs’ attendance, their performances and appraisals, any future staff requirements, and the line of action if any member of the team is found guilty of negligence. Another important responsibility includes communicating with the parents about the school’s progress and future plans.

Now, after going through all these job descriptions, we feel it shouldn’t be difficult in writing your principal cover letter.

The principal cover letter is written to the committee chairperson who takes his/her decision in appointing you on the job. Your cover letter must clearly specify the years of experience you have. This is important because for the position with a huge responsibility and varied roles to play, experience makes a lot of differences. Further, you must show your commitment towards to the school. The reader should feel confident about you that you will utilize the money, staff, and the time for the interest of the school.

You can mention your education whichever way you prefer. Some professional writes it before the work summary, whereas others describe after it. Usually, a master’s degree is a must for the principal’s position with a good amount of experience. If you have done a Ph.D. in any particular subject, then include it in the cover letter.

You must communicate your goals and visions through the cover letter. The reader must know that you have the skills, intelligence and imagination to plan for the school’s future. You can state that your vision is to turn students into leaders who can bring recognition for the school and the country. To describe your goal statement, you can write that you want to achieve the highest passing percentage for the school every year.

Then, you can write about the positive things you can contribute towards the welfare of the school. This could be the designing of the right curriculum for the school, encouraging other co-curricular activities, enhancing students’ skills by holding competition among students in craft and technical field, etc.

Now, we feel you are ready to write your principal cover letter to the school/college of your choice. If you still want to grab a sample cover letter, then find the links below and use it as a guideline in writing your cover letter.


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