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Sample Piano Teacher Cover Letter

A piano teacher cover letter is very helpful for the recruiter in sorting out suitable candidate from the masses of applications that he receives. It will also help you in getting a relevant job opportunity matching your requirements. Therefore, you should send a cover letter along with your resume every time.

A piano teacher should pass a bachelors degree in music and should be willing to teach music to students of all ages. Piano teachers need to be skilled at training people of all ages interact with them understanding their grasping and learning ability. They have to plan their lessons accordingly. Love and passion towards music is the most essential factor required in the piano teachers. They should also be able to play various musical notes; most of the times they are supposed to give basic piano lessons to the students. Some piano teachers work independently while some work in music schools.

Piano Teacher Cover Letter: Format

Name: __________
Address: __________
E-mail address: ___________
Phone number: _________

Date: (Current date in month/date/year format)

Name: __________
Designation: _________
Company Name: ________
Address: __________

Subject: (Write a relevant subject statement for your letter)
Reference: (Provide reference, if available)

Dear Mr. /Mrs. ________,

Opening Paragraph: The opening paragraph of your letter should be able give a clear picture of your interest in the position for which you are applying. You have to include the title for which you are sending your application as well as the name of the reference if available. This paragraph should not be more than three to four sentences long.

Middle Paragraph: In the middle paragraph you should include your skills and abilities which you have to offer to the employer. You can also provide your qualification details in short. This is just to give an idea of how you can be beneficial for the employer and make him/her review your resume.

Closing Paragraph: This is the shortest of all the paragraphs of your letter and is just to express your thanks to the employer for spending his time on your cover letter. You can also express your curiosity in having a meeting with him/her.

(Regards/ sincerely/ faithfully)
(Your name or signature)

Attached documents:
(Mention all the documents you are sending with this letter)

Piano Teacher Cover Letter: Example

Jennifer Moore
246 Cypress Lane
80 Hazel Cottage
San Antonio
Texas 26389
Phone number: 267-379-6809
E-mail id:

Date: August 24, 2011

Angela Simpson
Sr. Teacher
Texas Music School
San Antonio
Texas 89769

Subject: Application enquiring for the position of piano teacher

Dear Angela,

This application for the position of piano teacher is to know if there is any opening for the position of piano teacher in your school. I zealously fascinated to offer my exceptional training skills and knowledge for the students of your school.

I am a bachelor in music with specialized skills and experience in teaching basic as well as advanced level piano lessons to the students. I have ability to work with all sizes of Grand as well as Vertical pianos. I have sound knowledge of principles of music such as beat, melody and tempo of the music. I am free to work at any time and weekends as well.

I have been through your advertisement regarding this opening a month ago but if this position is still available with your school it would be a pleasure to hear from you. You can review my resume enclosed with this letter for more details and reach me at my personal contact number or mail id.

Thank you for showing your concern and interest in reading my letter.

Sincerely yours,
Jennifer Moore


  • Hard copy of resume including references
  • Hard copy of college transcripts
  • Recommendation letter

Hope the piano teacher cover letter example give above makes your cover letter more accurate and worthy for you.


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