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Sample Thankyou Cover Letter After an Interview

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It is important that you write a thank you cover letter after an interview to show your gratitude to the recruiter. The main aim of drafting the cover letter is to grab the attention of the recruiter that helps in scheduling an interview with the recruiter.

Tips for drafting a cover letter

  • Start the cover letter by introducing yourself to the recruiter or the reader, include your name, address, contact number and email address. This is followed by the current date or the date on which the letter is drafted and send to the recruiter.

  • After that mention details of the employer, including the name of the employer, designation, company's address and the name of the company.

  • Then comes the main section of the cover letter that is divided into 3 sub sections, the first section where you mention the main objective for drafting the cover letter i.e. the purpose of drafting the cover letter. The second is the informative section that includes your academic qualifications, professional experience, project details, skill set and contact details. The last section deals with the salutation to the recruiter where you thank the recruiter for their valuable time in reading the cover letter. Show your interest in joining the organization.

  • End the cover letter by thanking the recruiter, followed by your signature and your full name. Do remember to enclosure the essential documents such as resume, certificate supporting your academic qualifications, experience certificate and the other related documents.

Make the cover letter short and precise, highlighting your credentials in a positive way. Avoid the use of flowery languages, as it can irritate the recruiter and they might ignore the cover letter. Make sure that the cover letter contains the correct information and focus on your strongest points. Before sending the cover letter, check for the grammatical mistakes, vocabulary, and sentence construction. The cover letter should be drafted in such a manner that it should look attractive and eye-catchy and try to give the letter a professional look.

Now let us see an example of thank you cover letter after interview that will give you a more clear idea of how to draft your own cover letter and what are the things that are necessary for drafting a cover letter.

Thank You Cover Letter After Interview

Charles M. Petron,
965 Snyder Avenue,
Charlotte, NC 28202.
(704)-628 6431,

Date: October 31, 2011.

Mr. Roy C. Culver,
HR Recruiter,
ABC Corporation,
3183 Timber Oak Drive,
Charlotte, NC 28202.

Dear Mr. Culver,

I would like to thank you for providing me such a great opportunity to meet you in the interview for the position of information developer in ABC Corporation. I was very nervous after entering the interview room, but you made the environment so cool that all the nervousness went off. As this company has high reputation in the market, I would surely come up to your expectation as soon as possible. I have a good academic background, as I have completed mini projects in college as well as internship from ZS Associates.

As with the discussion earlier, I am attaching my resume and the supportive document along with this letter. I am very much eager to join this organization. If you find me eligible for this position, please call me up. My contact number is 704-628-6431.

Finally thanks once again for your time and consideration in going through the letter.

Yours sincerely,

Charles M. Petron,

Resume- myresume.doc
Copy of the experience certificate
Copy of the graduation and post graduation certificate

You can refer to this thank you cover letter after interview for drafting your own cover letter, as it will give you a clear idea of how to draft a thank you cover letter.

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