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Sample Internship Cover Letter

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Internship cover letter is drafted in order to get an internship for 3–6 months in any reputed organization for the partial fulfillment of any professional course. Therefore, in order to apply for the project, you need to send your resume with a recommendation letter from the Head of the Department, attached with the cover letter. Before going to see the sample cover letter for internship, let us see some of the tips for writing the cover letter.

Tips for writing the cover letter

  • Start the cover letter by referring to the job advertisement or the job portal or any other source from which you came to know about the job opening.

  • The next paragraph includes your interest in joining the organization and your job responsibilities in the present organization. Try to convince the recruiter for scheduling an interview with you. You should also describe your key skills, educational qualification, and professional details in brief.

  • Use simple English languages and check for any errors before sending the cover letter to the recruiter. Also check that the cover letter contains correct sentence structure, correct vocabulary and grammar. Try to be short and precise while drafting a cover letter.

  • Try to give the cover letter a professional look so that your cover letter gives an appealing effect.

  • At the end of the cover letter, thank the recruiter for their valuable time in reading the cover letter and show your keen interest in working in their organization. Put your signature followed by your name and attach the essential documents supporting your descriptions.

Sample Internship Cover Letter

Bryant L. Brookins,
2292 Mill Street,
Greenville, SC 29601,
(864)-276 9605.

Date: October 28, 2011

Mr. Danny C. Hinton,
HR Manager,
Alpha Technologies,
1046 Oakwood Circle,
Fullerton, CA 93632.

Subject: Application for the summer internship program from Alpha Technologies
Reference: Referred by Mr. Johnson, Senior QA in ZS Technologies

Dear Mr. Hinton,

I am interested in applying for the summer internship from your organization for the completion of the Master's in Computer Application (MCA) from Stanford University. I have completed Bachelors in Computer Application from the same University. I have done several projects during the college days. I have a good command over various languages such as C, Object Oriented Programming Languages (OOPs), Java and Dot NET. I have a good knowledge of Databases (MySQL, DB2, Oracle, and SQL), Operating System (Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, and 2007) and scripting languages (HTML and Java Script). I have also developed software for St. Michal High School named "Student Administration System" which included 3 modules; student admission, student fee details and faculty details with respect to subjects.

I have been referred by Mr. Johnson who is the Senior QA in ZS Technologies. I have a strong academic background and excellent problem solving ability. I have a good verbal and written communicational skill. The rest of the details are self–explanatory. I have also attached my resume with the cover letter for future reference. It would be my pleasure to serve your organization, and I would be eagerly waiting for your reply.

Thanks a lot for your precious time. Hope to meet you soon. In case of any query, you can contact me either via email or via telephone, whichever is convenient to you. My email id is and telephone number is 864–276–9605.

Yours Sincerely,

Bryant L. Brookins,

Resume– myresume.doc
Copy of the graduation certificate
Copy of the final semester mark sheet
Copy of the recommendation letter from the Head of the Department

This is one of the perfect examples for the internship cover letter. You can refer it for drafting your own cover letter. Make sure that all the information entered by you is correct. Do not forget to attach your resume along with this cover letter and always remember to highlight the essential part of the resume in the cover letter.

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