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Sample Service Representative Cover Letter

Writing a service representative cover letter is easier than any other cover letter. If you are someone who loves to meet and satisfy people with your problem-solving skills, then you must be good in your communication skills. As the job demands you to communicate with customers either by the phone or through emails and letters, it helps in building your writing skills and to convey your message in a precise manner. Hence, there shouldn’t be any difficulty when expressing your intention to the employers while applying for a service representative job.

Now, let’s find out why there is a need of service representative in companies. No businesses can survive without customers. In fact, businesses are built on the foundation of customers. The importance of customers is known by every business. For this reason, companies dedicate a separate department for customer service to solve their problems and make them visit time and again.

Customer service representatives are needed in every sector. The main intention of employing them on the job is to help customers. Depending on the business the company is doing, the types of customers may differ. Therefore, the job requirement of a customer service representative will not be similar.

The basic qualities employers would prefer when applying for the job is your customer-service attitude. You must be good in your sales skills and have the capacity to solve any complex problems in a cost-effective and a timely manner. Soft skills, telephone etiquettes, and knowledge of the products the company is dealing in are essential. If your job is to provide customer service for some technical problem such as hardware or networking, then you must have a technical background in that field to qualify for the job.

If you are writing a service representative cover letter, then below are questions and answers that will help you in writing.

  • What are the basic skills needed in a service representative?

    The foremost thing customer service representatives should have is patience. They must listen to customers’ problems with proper attention, and try to understand the root cause of it. They must smell the problem within no time and find a proper solution for the problems.

  • What qualification is needed for a service representative?

    The required qualification of service representatives will depend on the type of business. If the company is into a technical field, then you must have a technical degree that is suitable for the job. For other service industries, a bachelor’s degree in marketing and knowledge of computer is accepted.

Service Representative Cover Letter

Noam Sanders
850 Service Avenue
Columbus, OH 03480
Phone: (614) XXX-7319 •

August 15, 2011

Jotham D. Travis
Human Resource Manager
ABC Group Inc.
250 Customer Service Street
Columbus, OH 03475

Dear Mr. Travis,

This cover letter is a response to your advertisement in the Weekly Times for the position of a customer service representative. I was waiting for this opportunity for a long time since I know the reputation you hold in the retail industry. Having an experience of four years in the similar industry, and a bachelor degree in business administration, this letter is to express my interest to get associated with your brand name.

I understand how important customers are for a business and the people working in it. With hard work and dedication towards customer-service, I have developed a high level of problem-solving skills. For me, no problem is small or unimportant, and I exceed any limit to find a proper solution. I have attracted many customers to the stores I worked for by building a good rapport with them.

My current job is to receive and answer customers’ complaints about the product sold by our store. I am also following up with customers for collecting payments and other documents needed while purchasing a product through finance. I also help my employer administrative task such as receiving and greeting customers at the store, maintaining a log book on the complaints attended, etc.

With pleasing personality and good mannerism, I am confident that I will turn the first-time customers into a regular visitor to your store. If you could arrange a meeting, I will be able to explain in depth about my skills suitable for the job. Please call or email me about our possible meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Noam Sanders

Enclosure: Resume

This service representative cover letter sample explains the employer from where the candidate came to know about the job opening, and why he wants to work in the organization. It also states the past and the current job profile. In the end, it provides a reason about being suitable for the job and contribution he wants to make for the employer. If your experiences and job profile is similar to this sample letter, then use it by changing the contact information and date. Or else, refer it as a format to write your cover letter.


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