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Sample Sales Manager Cover Letter

You have to be extra cautious when writing your sales manager cover letter. First, being from the sales field, you are supposed to have a good command over your language. Second, as a sales person you already know how to sell your experiences and skills to the employers. Third, you are believed to express your thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively.

Guidelines for writing sales manager cover letter:


The first paragraph of the cover letter is the introduction. This is where you build a connection with the readers and offer a reason for writing. The introductory paragraph is your chance to show recipients of the letter that you have gone through the job description, understood the need of the company and is applying with your own interest and self-belief. A good introduction paragraph is one that conveys the message in two sentences at the most.

Target the company needs

Sales people promote and market their products targeting their consumers. For this, they research the market and try to understand the needs of consumers. Similarly, you should find out the need of the company you are applying to. You must carefully examine the roles and responsibilities the job is expecting from you. Show the employers that you are aware about the job duties and have the confidence to provide what they need.

Explain skills and experience

This is the part where you should try to sell them your capability for the position. Include specific strengths and skills from your experience and explain how it can help the company. Mostly, employers would like to read about your supervisory, training and managerial skills. To convey your educational details, write about the degree that is necessary for the job. Usually, employers prefer a degree in sales, marketing or business administration for the sales manager position.


You can include the advantages you can contribute for the company through your appointment for the position. As a sales professional, you should inform the employers that you know how to follow up with customers for sales. For this, you can write how and when you are planning to make a contact with the employers for further discussion.

Sales Manager Cover Letter

Oliver J. Brando
Consumer Lane, 20 Sales Street
Target City, Goal State – 45028
Phone: (650) XXX-7493 • Email:

September 5, 2011

Blaise P. Franco
Vice President, Sales
ABC Corporation
120 South Street
Sales City, Buyers State 00000

Dear Mr. Franco,

Your job posting in the XYZ Newspaper for the sales manager position matches with my skills and experience. As you are looking for someone who can train your sales team of 20 personnel for your newly launched product, my seven years of managerial experience in sales can fulfill your requirements.

In my previous experience with AAA Company, I handled a team of 30 sales representatives. I assigned them their daily work schedules, set their monthly target and trained them on achieving their sales target. I have reviewed and prepared their performance reports for salary revision based on their performances.

I have promoted and launched numerous consumer products for my employers that are still doing a good sale in the market. I have organized and held sales exhibition where I invited several companies to exhibit their products. The event was a grand success, and it increased our sales up to 40% in a year.

I have a Master’s degree in Business Administration from AAA University. I am comfortable with both mode of communication—writing as well as speaking. My resume is attached herewith for your reading.

As I am interested in working with your company, I could contribute in increasing your sales through my managerial skills and experience. To talk about the advantages your company could derive from my employment, I am planning a visit to your office next Wednesday at 11:00 am. Please let me know if you have a different plan for the day.

Yours sincerely,

Oliver J. Brando

Enclosure: Resume

This sales manager cover letter sample clears the intention of the writer for applying in the introduction paragraph. In addition, it includes skills and experience that are needed by the employer and ends with a right call of action.


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