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Sample Sales Associate Cover Letter

Finding a job in these days of cut-throat competition is not an easy task. You have to show your worth to the employers to grab the job. And the chances you have at your hand are your resume and a cover letter. Both these documents can help you to prove your mettle to prospective employers. So, while writing your sales associate cover letter, you must be aware about the competition you will have to deal with and try to win it by convincing the employers that the post is meant only for you.

As a sales associate, your job will be to increase the sales of the products the company is selling. To do this job, you will have to find new customers and retain the existing one through your sales skills. If you truly want to become a sales associate, you need to have command over your language, and you should be able to persuade customers into buying the products you are trying to sell. You should have knowledge about people’s psychology that can help you to deal with them and maintain public relations.

As you are expected to sell the products, you must have a creative mind in developing products’ presentation that can attract customers into buying it. You should be able to plan the promotional campaign that is cost-effective as well as result-oriented. Usually, employers prefer minimum one to two years of experience for a sales associate position. Even if you are lacking this factor, you can still impress the employers through your sales associate cover letter. You can compensate your experience by explaining the quality that is needed to succeed in sales.

Though experience matters most when trying for a job in sales, it is better to include your qualifications in the cover letter. Generally, an associate degree in sales qualifies you for the position. In case you haven’t got the qualification, you can explain the employers that your real-life sales experiences have taught everything that is covered in a degree course, or even much more.

Try to include those skills and experience the employers have posted. If they need someone who can sell their products through telemarketing, include your telephone handling skills and explain how you have sold products to customers through your convincing talks. Show the employer that you have style to follow up the customers for selling a product without annoying or pestering them. Share an example with the employers that can show your following-up skills and convincing power.

Sales Associate Cover Letter

Shannon K. Madrona
60th Sales Avenue, Apt. B
Newark, CA 94560
Phone: (510) XXX-1537

September 1, 2011

George J. Hayes
Human Resource Manager
ABC Shopping Mall
4120 Sales Drive
Newark, CA 94550

Dear Mr. Hayes,

I waited for quite a long time for an opportunity to work in your shopping mall because of the wide variety of products it offers for sale. Your job posting for the sales associate position ends my wait. I am confident that I have the required skills and qualification that make me a perfect fit for the position.

I have five years of experience in sales. In my previous employment, I have helped my employers sell all types of consumer products that range from electronic goods, home furniture, kitchen appliances, apparels, footwear, etc. I have even installed few products at customers’ home with the help of our team. I have received a certificate from my previous employer for converting maximum customers’ enquiries into the sale.

I have the knowledge and maturity to understand customers’ needs, and I offer them my suggestions on what product would be suitable for them. I always believe and follow the principle of ‘customer is the king.’ At times, I have even handled disgruntled customers and satisfied them through my convincing power.

With five years of experience and a degree in sales, you will find me a good match for the position. If you are still not satisfied, allow me a chance to meet you so that I can explain how I will be useful for your establishment. You can contact me any day from morning 8:00 to 11:00 am.

Yours sincerely,

Shannon K. Madrona

Enclosure: Resume

This sales associate cover letter includes the skills and qualification needed for the position. It will give an idea on how to convey your thoughts through words and entice the readers to call you for the interview.


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