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Sample Sales Assistant Cover Letter

Sales assistants have been an integral part of any retail and high venture business. The moment you enter any store or a shopping mall, the first person you meet and interact with are the sales assistants. They are the ones who greet you and listen to your needs and offer help. As the job involves lots of interactions with customers, sales assistants should be proficient in communication skills.

Companies engaged in a merchandise business needs sales assistants to support their sales team. They need someone who has the knowledge about the function of a sales department and the sales team. They also look for the relevant job experience when reading your sales assistant cove letter. So, while writing, try to target the company’s needs and satisfy them that you can meet their needs with your skills and experiences.

Instructions on writing a sales assistant cover letter

  • As a sales assistant, you need to perform a general administrative tasks associated with sales. It could be planning a sales meeting, scheduling sales appointments, participating in sales discussion, maintaining a register for the number of customers attended in a day, or complaints solved, etc. Describe any of these experiences in your cover letter.

  • The employers would like to know about your role in supporting the sales staff. Be specific in describing your experience in supporting the sales staff. List the number of the sales personnel you have provided support to.

  • You have to perform a dual support role. The support needed by the on-field sales staff and the in-house team would not be the same. If you any of these experiences, mention it in the cover letter as it will elevate the selection chances.

  • Describe your computer skills. Some sales team uses tailor-made software that helps them about sales update. Even a training taken for enhancing your soft skills or entering sales databases will be work in your favor.

Sales Assistant Cover Letter

Donald J. Griffin
150 SE Sales Road
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: (111) XXX-7242 • Email:

September 22, 2011

Mr. Bruce Kilgore
Hiring Manager
ABC Corporation
2020 Retail Street
San Francisco, CA 94100

Dear Mr. Kilgore,

I learned from the website that your company is looking for a sales assistant to support role your sales staff of 15 personnel in your recently launched retail store in the commercial hub of San Francisco. This is the best opportunity for me to land a dream job since the job requirements are matching with my experience.

I have been working in the retail industry as a sales assistant for six years. I am experienced in handling all the administrative work related with sales. As a senior sales assistant, I have planned sales meeting, and scheduled sales appointments. I can even prepare shift sheet for sales associates.

Currently, I am providing sales support to 20 sales professionals. I am experienced in providing support to both on-field and in-house sales staff. I am capable of drafting expense report for the resources provided by the company to the sales team working outside. For the in-house sales team, I help them by maintaining a register for the number of clients visiting the store. I have taken stock of the inventories on the shelves and prepared a requisition statement for anything running out-of-stock. I have also processed customers’ cash and card payments against their purchase.

I am comfortable with any customized software used for maintaining sales databases. I deal with every customer in a professional and friendly manner. I have maintained professional relationships with every customer and sales staff I have interacted with. I am certain that you will find my work experience appealing if you take some time and read through my resume.

Should I drop in your office on October 3, 2011 at 10 am? Please inform me you want to reschedule it.

Yours sincerely,

Donald J. Griffin

Enclosure: Resume

This sales assistant cover letter sample highlights the writer’s skills and experience in a professional manner. It also reflects the writer’s confidence by asking the reader whether it is acceptable to meet on a particular date and time. Read this sample letter and get charge for drafting your sales assistant cover letter.


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