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Sample Salary Negotiation Before Joining

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Sometimes it happens that you are not offered the expected salary in a new job, or a considerable pay rise in your promotion. Situations like this make it compulsory to negotiate the salary. When negotiating it, there is a higher probability that your relationship with your manager may reach to a crisis point if you are asking for a hike in your salary. With the future employer, you may become the possible target since you are being paid as per your demands. Hence, you should put your cards on the table very carefully while raising the salary issue.

If you are not happy with the offered salary, then you may not be able to work to your potential. And what is the point to work in a company that is not paying you the desired salary. It is better to raise the issue by writing a salary negotiation letter. So, kick out the entire 'if' and 'but' and draft the letter.

Before that, get a clear view what you need to accomplish with the letter. Here are few points that will help you to focus on your goals:

  • Prepare yourself with some research. Find out the current salary in your profession paid by the companies. There are many websites doing these types of the survey, which you can easily access. You can also approach some industry or trade organization that keeps records about employers and salary offered to various designations. It will help you to explain your request for more salary.

  • When you are offered a job, it is quite clear that the company needs you. Moreover, you have the power to walk away, and let the company decide whether to accept it or concentrate on the candidate next in the list. Remember, it is easy for you to walk away or drop the offer. Same is not the case with the company as they have already invested their valuable time in judging you.

  • Calculate your requirements and put it in a justifiable manner. Counter the offer by stating a fixed amount you would love to work with. Put it on a higher side so that you actually receive your expected figure after negotiation. Include all the essential features needed in the job. They are salary, bonus terms, benefits such as provident funds, gratuity, medical insurance, annual paid leaves and other facilities like canteen, transportation, etc.

Salary Negotiation before Joining

John P. Casey,
357 Ersel Street
Dallas, TX 75209,
(214)-000 8525

Date: 10 November, 2011

Barry M. Morgan,
Hiring Manager,
Realty Publications, Inc.,
796 Center Street,
Wayne, NJ 07477

Dear Mr. Morgan,

You gave me the most joyous day of my life by sending the job offer letter this morning. You just made my day, and I felt energized for the whole day. Thank you for considering me suitable for the Marketing Manager position in your company. This is a challenging position I always loved in my marketing career.

I am elated at the opportunity you have provided me to work in your company. However, I would love to see some changes in the offer letter in relation to the salary. Currently, I am drawing an annual salary of $__, which is marginally higher than the offered package of $___. If you could be a little more generous to lift it up till my expected figure of $___, it would be a treat for me and the best gift of my life. Further, I should be eligible for the bonus from my joining date – Thursday, December 1, 2011.

The rest of the terms like quarterly incentives, canteen facilities, medical insurances, and the traveling allowances are acceptable to me. I am deeply interested in joining your company, and I can generate good revenue for your company with my marketing skills and years of experiences.

I hope you will consider my request and happily agree my proposal. Please call me and let us settle the salary part at the earliest.


John P. Casey

The outcome of the salary negotiation will depend on how you have prepared yourself with facts and figures. Review your worth and sketch a border beyond which you should not accept the offer. If you believe yourself, then be confident and counter the offer by writing a salary negotiation letter. Customize this sample cover letter sample and replace the '___' words with actual figures.


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