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Sample Retail Manager Cover Letter

The job opportunity in the retail industry is tremendous. The retail management needs experienced people who can manage the store, and generate more income through proper management. Therefore, the retail manager cover letter must pass on your knowledge of the retail business to the hiring managers. It must include your relevant retail management work experiences.

As a retail manager, the tasks you will be performing will be the same regardless of how large or small the store is. Highlight some of the similar tasks that you have already performed and are needed for the job you are trying. You can try to convince the hiring managers by explaining your reason to work with, and the improvements you would like to make for the organization. Few of the things, you should include in your retail manager cover letter are: ability to meet sales target, management skills, and creative skills to attract customers, and dispute solving ability.

Tips to write a retail manager cover letter

  • The first document that the hiring managers will lay their hands on is your cover letter. They will decide to read or ignore your resume after reading the cover letter. So, consider your cover letter as the first and last opportunity in getting the job.

  • Remember, your cover letter should not only be good in reading, but also the looks of the letter should be impressive. Therefore, you should take care of the cover letter format and the language you will be using in it.

  • The best way to create an impression is to write not more than three sentences in each paragraph. This will improve the readability of the cover letter.

  • In an attempt to impress the readers, some people write things that are not interested or relevant with the job. Here, you must keep in mind that readers are interested in your skills and experiences that are matching the job. So, avoid writing unnecessary materials and focus on the readerís needs.

Retail Manager Cover Letter

Raymond D. Harrington
22 Hiddenview Drive
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
Phone: (215) 947-8801 ē Email:

September 12, 2011

John D. McNeil
Hiring Manager
3069 Beechwood Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Dear Mr. McNeil,

In consideration with your job posting in the Daily News for a retail managerís position, I am expressing my interest and enthusiasm for the position. With seven years of retail management experience under my belt, I am confident of meeting the job requirements. I have an extensive knowledge about the retail industry, and my contribution in the growth of the retails store I have worked with is something that I am proud of.

I am a graduate in business administration from ABC University, PA. My education and the store management experience have made me capable of accepting any sales and administration challenges. With my management skills, I achieved the sales target throughout my seven-year career. With my creative skills, I managed to attract customers to the store by offering them attractive offers on products keeping intact the storesí profit.

I have trained and motivated sales staff by implementing incentive plans for their performances. I am also good in bargaining with manufacturers on prices of products on the managementís behalf. Few of the things I can contribute to your retail stores areócommunication and management skills, sales and profit-driven ability, and determination for providing good customer service.

My attached resume will give you more details about my contribution I could make for your store. Thank you for the job posting. I will call you on September 20 to find out what date and time we can meet.


Raymond D. Harrington

This retail cover letter sample and tips given above will help in attracting the hiring managers. Make use of this sample letter even if your experiences are not matching. Just make sure to highlight your skills and experiences the position demands from you.


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