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The term ‘representative’ is no stranger to us as we are used to with this word for many reasons. Whenever we need some work to be done, we have to meet people working as a representative. Be it the need to apply for a loan in some bank, or addressing a complaint to the company about a newly bought product. Without the help of a representative, we won’t be able to complete the formalities involved. For these reasons, banks, companies and other establishments appoint people as a representative and give them some authority and power to represent them in solving clients’ problems and to manage other formalities.

This explains us that a representative is the person who works and takes a decision on behalf of the company in solving problems faced by the clients and the company. Though the responsibility handled by representatives is big, they have very limited power and often have to rely on their superiors for taking some important decisions.

If you are interested in attaching the designation of a representative to your name tag, than sky is the limit for you. If you are good in marketing, you can work as a sales representative. If solving problems is something you rejoice, then a customer service representative will suit you. People with knowledge of finance can work in a bank as a loan representative or a finance representative. Even schools and colleges need people to work as an admission representative.

To avail the position of a representative in any organization, you should make your representative cover letter impressive. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore the importance of your resume. However, to make the recruiters read your resume, first, you need to draft the cover letter. With the help of the cover letter, you will show the recruiters that your qualifications and experiences are matching with the job description.

If these lines excite you, then stick around as you will find out the much-needed instructions on writing a representative cover letter here. In addition, you will also find sample cover letters at the end of these instructions. Each cover letter is separately linked, and you just need to click on it to open and use it by copy pasting.

Representative cover letter instructions

  • Whether you are applying for a customer, sales or a finance representative position, you ought to have complete information about the company you are trying to step in. If you are an experienced candidate, you need to include in your cover letter any awards, comments or certificate achieved in your previous job.

  • Imagine yourself as a seller and the employer a buyer. Now, as a seller you have to attract and win the confidence of the employer by highlighting your positive traits in the cover letter. Remember, the employers are only interested to know what you can offer in return of employment. Understand their requirements first and then explain how you will fill their requirements.

  • Don’t just draft a boring and unconvincing cover letter. Show the employers that you have the passion, determination and energy to excel in the position you are trying. Convince them that you love meeting and interacting with different types of people. Write about your patient attitude and convincing ability as you have to interact and satisfy customers with their problems without deviating from the interest of the company.

  • Show the employer that you are good in maintaining business relationships with customers, as well as attracting new ones to the business. Include the training and qualifications you have received. You can write about your skills in entering and maintaining clients’ database in the computer.

  • In the end, include your expectation from the readers of the cover letter. You can either ask them to call you or just inform about your plan to follow up.

These instructions will help in writing your representative cover letter. As said earlier, find the links below for representative cover letter samples and get ready for an interview call from the employers.


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