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Sample Real Estate Sales Cover Letter

Whether it is a residential, commercial, industrial or an agricultural sector, real estate agents should show the employers that they have the selling skills, and knowledge about the prices prevailing in the local market and the neighborhood area. In addition, the agents should know the official process involved in making the land available for a particular use, prevailing tax laws and a good network in finding out property information before their competitors.

Real estate agents’ duties

The duties performed by real estate agents are diverse. Buying, selling and renting of properties such as land, building, apartments, etc. are done with the help of real estate agents. The main responsibility of real estate agents is to sell properties their companies possess to clients by striking a deal that is feasible to both the client and the company. Good convincing power is also needed in this profession as agents are required to convince clients about the rate of the property, its neighborhood and the facilities the area enjoys, and the expected growth rate in price of the property. They even have to deal with people interested in selling their properties. The agents have to collect necessary documents from clients to complete the deal.

In short, the following will be the duties of real estate agents:

  • Interacting with clients to understand their needs of properties
  • Advertise and make arrangements for clients’ visit to the property site
  • Invite home inspectors to inspect the house, bungalows or apartment
  • Act and negotiate with both the parties interested in buying and selling the property
  • Appraising the property as per the local market value

From the above excerpt, we can conclude that real estate sales cover letters should show sales skills. When a product is launched, proper promotion is needed featuring the target customers in mind. The same principle should be applied while writing your real estate sales cover letter to the future employers. You must know the types of properties hiring agency is dealing in.

The cover letter should not only convince the employers that you have the needed experiences, but at the same time they must be forced to call you for an interview. So, it is important that the tone of the cover letter is impressive enough to fulfill the writing purpose – interview call.

Writing a cover letter is similar to writing a sales letter. And being in the sales profession, you should know the tricks and moves to convince the employer. When you sell a product to the customers, you collect all the information such as the product’s features, its advantages in terms of durability, price, etc. and how it is better to the one existing in the market. Same way, you must find out what qualities you have, and how you are superior to all those who have applied for the position. This doesn’t mean you should directly name someone or belittle other experiences and skills. You should simply highlight what you are good at and what you have achieved for clients and employers you have worked with.

The real estate sales cover letter should show the employers that you are more concerned in fetching the best deal for your clients and the company. Tell the employers that you’re someone whom clients and company can trust, and you follow work ethics laid by the National Association of Realtors. This is essential because the success of a real estate business lies in how good you can win the trust of your customers. Another essential skill the cover letter should communicate is your ability to work with different agents in order to build a network and strike the deal more than any other real estate agencies.

If you are really good in convincing and selling properties, you should accept the cover letter as a challenge and see to it that the employer is sure to call you for a personal interaction. Remember, your cover letter is the only chance to make an impression and market yourself, so, pass on your skills and experiences in a persuasive manner.

We have discussed about all the important elements a prospective employer would like to see in the real estate sales cover letter. To make it simpler in writing cover letters for all those interested in the sales profession, we are offering many samples of cover letters through the links below. Click on anyone sample cover letter and find out how professional cover letters are written to impress and convince employers.


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