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Sample Marketing Manager Cover Letter

As a marketing manager, you are expected to be a good communicator who can sell any product with ease by convincing customers about the benefits of the product. In the similar fashion, when the hiring managers read your marketing manager cover letter, they must be convinced about your presentation skills and marketing capabilities. They should have a feeling that the company would be benefited by offering you the position by reading the cover letter.

Before beginning to write, try to pick up some of the skills from your resume that you can elaborate on the cover letter, provided it is matching with the job profile you want to apply to. Remember, marketing job is all about sales and figures. So, when detailing about your skills and experiences, try to include the actual facts and figures that can explain your sales achievements.

Since marketing is related with a business, the way you format the letter will speak a lot about your knowledge on the standards followed in written communication. So, always use a business letter format that will guide you in writing as well as caution you, in case you are missing any important details. A business letter format includes the writer’s contact information, the date of writing, receiver’s address, and greeting, body of the letter, closing remarks, hand-written signature, and details about any attachments.

Try to attract the readers by starting the letter in an attractive manner. Do not follow the footstep of others by writing, “I would like to apply for the XYZ position after reading the advertisement in the AAA Newspaper.” If you really want to stand out in the crowd, create an innovative style of attracting the readers. You can write, “The job advertisement shows that you need a go-getter who can participate and contribute his/her skills and experiences for the development of the company,” Congratulation! You have found the right candidate in me.” Even when you are applying for the job with someone’s reference, try to be creative as it is one of the essential qualities needed for the job.

When the starting paragraph is different from the usual cover letters, it will surely ignite the readers’ interest, and they will eagerly read it in order to know more about you. In the experience category, the employers will try to find evidence that can prove your suitability for the position. This is where your marketing skills will stand by your side. If you have obtained details about the company’s vision and goals, go ahead and mention the similarities you have found with your own objectives. Mention the qualifications listed in the job advertisement. Remember, the cover letter is to entice the readers to open your resume. Therefore, the information should be brief and relevant.

Marketing Manager Cover Letter

Chris G. Commander
1314 Poe Lane
Overland Park, KS 66210
Phone: (913) XXX-7913

September 16, 2011

William I. Babcock
Hiring Manager
ABC Auto Spare Parts Ltd.
2927 Flynn Street
Overland Park, KS 66205

Dear Mr. Babcock,

With a solid marketing background backed by extensive seven years work experience, and a flair to sell automobile products, I am confident that you will find everything in me that you have posted in the job advertisement for a marketing manager position.

I am an energetic and enthusiastic marketing professional who can work in an environment where accepting challenges are part and parcel of life. I believe a marketing manager should have the skills to handle and motivate sales team to achieve the unbelievable. This is where I outshine my competitors with a proven track record of surpassing the sales target each year by 40% ever since I took the baton in my hand.

Apart from management skills, I also have tons of creative ideas to promote and market any types of products. At present, I am handling a team of 25 marketing executives, and taking care of the sales for four different states. I have a Business Administration Degree in Marketing from AAA University.

You can see in my resume, that I have been nominated as the sales person of the year for 2008, 09, and 10. If you can allow me an opportunity to meet you, I can explain it in detail about my achievements and things I want to contribute for your company. Please call me anytime as per your convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Chris G. Commander

Enclosure: Resume We hope, after reading this excerpt on preparing a marketing manager cover letter, and this sample cover letter, you will create an impressive cover letter.


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