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Sample Marketing Director Cover Letter

The market value of a business depends on the companies’ marketing strategy, and how better they are able to promote their products and services. As prices of commodities are touching sky every passing day, consumers are more cautious when it comes to spend their money. This is why companies are altering their marketing plan from time to time in order to meet consumers’ requirements.

One person who is responsible in formulating marketing policies is the Marketing Director. The responsibilities carried out by the marketing director are extremely large. It is not an easy task to get a job of such esteemed position. However, by dint of hard work and sheer determination, one can achieve the most coveted position in the marketing profession.

To get the job as a marketing director, proper planning and execution is needed. The first step of planning should start from drafting a marketing director cover letter. It is a tool that will help you to open any lock of the employment doors. The application you are sending to the prospective employers will provide a professional cover to your resume. The recruiters will find it easy in gauging your professional qualifications and experiences at once glance.

Now, let us find how to glue the readers in your cover letter. The first thing the employers would like to know is your qualifications. You must at least have a bachelor’s degree in marketing from a reputed university as eligibility criteria. If you are determined to take your career to the upper management level, then a master’s degree in marketing will help you better.

In addition to your education, you must also have on job working experience. Most companies prefer 10+ years of experience for the director’s position. Your management skills, ability to generate revenue for the company, contributing in cutting down the production expenses, creativity in promoting a product, organization skills in holding an exhibition, etc. are some elements you must include in your marketing director cover letter.

Marketing Director Cover Letter

Thomas S. Ives
2413 Cedar Street
Earle, AR 72331
Phone: (870) XXX-7942 • Email:

September 16, 2011

Ronald M. Vega
Vice President, Marketing
XYZ Marketing System
2909 Cedar Lane
Earle, AR 72330

Dear Mr. Vega,

As requested by you during our telephonic conversation yesterday afternoon to send an application for a marketing director position, I am honored and excited about the possibility of working with the market leaders in electronic surveillance products.

I am 15-year veteran in the marketing profession. I started my career starting as an entry- level marketing executive selling toiletries, apparels, furniture, electronics goods, credit cards, bank policies, etc. With hard work, perseverance, and deep understanding about consumers’ psychology, I manage to graduate to this level. Sweating in the heat and inhaling dust while promoting and selling products for companies have made me stronger from inside.

In my career span, I have managed and handled a wide marketing network. I am well adept in preparing budget for the marketing department, and with strict measures, I have even managed to complete the project way below the budget. I can design and plan marketing programs to generate revenue for the company. I have the distinction of bringing down the production cost for all my ex-employers. I am good in promoting new products, as well as raising the sales of the existing ones. I have a strong database of customers, and I still maintain a good relationship with them.

With a master’s degree in business administration and marketing, and vast marketing experience, I am confident of proving myself as an asset to your company. I will meet you at your office on September 26, 2011 at 11:00 am. I will consider it ‘yes’ unless I receive any call from you.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas S. Ives

Enclosure: Resume

This marketing director cover letter sample will help in stating your professional achievements and qualifications to the prospective employers. The products you have marketed, and the responsibilities you have carried out may be different. However, you can use this sample letter as a guideline in summarizing your credentials.


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