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Sample Medical Receptionist Cover Letter

The job description of a medical receptionist is similar to any other receptionist. However, the responsibilities may vary depending on how large the clinic, hospital or the nursing home is. In general, medical receptionists are required to help the management staff in dealing with patients, visitors, and with daily administrative work. Their job is also to receive and answer phone calls from patients. They help in making patients’ appointment as per the doctors’ schedule.

If you love speaking with people, have sympathy towards patients, and a good communication skill, then you can try for a medical receptionist job. Your search for the job should start by creating a medical receptionist cover letter. The cover letter should include your contact information at the top of the letter. It must then be followed by a date and the recipient’s address.

As a receptionist, you are expected to communicate messages in brief without investing much of your time. Apply this concept in writing and be brief and precise in introducing yourself. The body of the cover letter should begin by stating the receptionist position you are applying for. It must also include one or two sentences that can describe your personality.

The next paragraph where you will be writing about yours skills and experiences should match with the job requirements. For instance, the hospital may need someone who has basic understanding about medical insurance. This means that they are in need of a medical receptionist who can liaison with the health insurance providers. Explain your liaison skills as “I have an experience in communicating medical insurance problems with the concerned companies and have collected the outstanding payments by providing the insurance authorities detailed information on the patients’ treatment given by the clinic.”

The end of your medical receptionist cover letter should communicate your enthusiasm and remind the readers about the contribution you can provide for their establishment.

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter

Jessica B. Feliciano
2655 Poe Road
Ocean Drive Beach, SC 29582
Phone: (843) 249-0125

September 12, 2011

Hector D. Dinwiddie
Human Resource Manager
24/7 Health Care Services, Inc.
2929 Tori Lane
Ocean Drive Beach, SC 29580

Dear Mr. Dinwiddie,

Are you in need of someone who can handle the unstoppable phone calls from patients, visitors, vendors as well as lend a helping hand in maintaining medical records of your patients? Then you will find my experience interesting for your organization.

From my enclosed resume, you will find that I have four years of experience as a medical receptionist. My previous employers were XXX Nursing Home and ABC Health Care Center where I learned all the receptionist skills, and matured as a professional. I have managed all the incoming phone calls and scheduled patients’ appointments. At my present employment with Angel’s Clinic, I have been entering patients’ medical records in the tailor-made software. In addition, I am maintaining the invoices and insurance claims. I also place an order for medical requirements to distributors and manufacturers.

I have a good communication, interpersonal and coordination skill that is needed in performing the administrative tasks. I can interpret doctors’ messages and can convey it to the patients without any misunderstanding. These four years of experience have given me enough knowledge about the medical terminology and some of the rules applicable when providing medical services.

Let’s meet on a convenient day where I can explain things in details on how your organization can be benefited through my employment. Is it ok if I call you in a week’s time to find out the day of our meeting? I will take your answer as ‘yes’ if no call is made from your side.

Thank you for your patience and reading my cover letter.


Jessica B. Feliciano

Enclosure: Resume

This medical receptionist cover letter is written on the writer’s own accord. Therefore, the start of the letter is trying to generate the reader’ attention. The start will be different if you are writing for the job advertisement. If you are seeking a change and want to inform the employers about your capability, then use this sample cover letter by modifying it to describe your personality.


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