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Sample Police Promotion Cover Letter

Police cover letters includes all the police jobs an applicant is applying for which includes, police officers, detectives, sub inspectors, sergents to name a few. Police promotion cover letters are letters written by police personnel for a promotion in their post. The letter should talk about the current position of the employer, the position he would wish to be promoted to and the candidateís skills sets and experience to undertake the new responsibility.

The opening paragraph of the letter should clearly mention the purpose of the letter. The letter should be well written highlighting all the accomplishments of the candidate in the present position. It should lay emphasis on the candidateís tenure and why does the candidate think that it is the right time for a promotion. The letter should have a good opening and end with pleasantries for oneís superiors.

Given below is a sample police promotion cover letter that can be used by candidates as a reference before drafting a promotion letter in any category. Changes made to the letter are up to a candidateís discretion.

Police Promotion Cover Letter 1

Marshall S. Chalfant,
1656 Koontz Lane,
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403,
(818)-788 1424.

Date: August 13, 2008.

Mr. Thomas D. Birch,
GF Police Force,
4872 Laurel Lane,
Odessa, TX 79762.

Dear Mr. Birch,

I am working as a sergeant at the Texas station since 2004. It is an honour for me to inform that it was you who interviewed me back in 1996, when I started my career as a sergeant. Itís been more than 12 years here and I absolutely feel proud and grateful to be serving one of the best police force in the county.

After working for five years as a sergeant, I think that it is time for me to move up and I would like to serve the city as a policeman or detective. I hope the California city would give me access and resources to undertake this new responsibility. I am ready for the challenges lying ahead and understand that I would have more men working with me. I can assure you that we as a group could take on Morgan Hill gang for the new rank of detective.

Below are few of my accomplishments over these 12 years:

  • Arrested the famous drug dealer - Michael de Faugo and secured 1.4 millions of cocaine from him.
  • Arrested James Hammond - the serial killer also known as the night ripper.
  • Various community programs were put in southern Morgan specially the fundraising for the community center together with my wife.
  • Responsible for investigation of the missing Williams' girl and arrest of two men.
I feel that this is the most appropriate time for me for a promotion as I am completely aware of the road lying ahead. My records show you my perseverance, drive and loyalty to this station.

I am thankful to you for taking time out of your busy day to read this letter. For any queries and clarifications please contact me on my phone: (123)-456 7890.



Marshall S. Chalfant.


While drafting a promotional cover letter for police jobs, the achievements of the candidate prove very useful. Candidates can even consider putting the achievements in points for better readability. The letters should convince the superiors of how prepared the candidate is to take up the new responsibility. Candidates, character, skills sets, their visibility, and how comfortable the candidate is to work with new colleagues are a few points to be considered by the higher authorities and if the candidate has a clear record in all these areas there is no stopping from getting selected for the desired post.

Sample Letter for Police Promotion

Police promotion cover letters are written by police officers requesting to get promoted to the next level. The letter is drafted to your superiors to make them aware of how long you have been holding the current position and itís time to get promoted.

While drafting a police promotion cover letter, candidates need to bear in mind to highlight all their achievements during the tenure. The achievements can be jotted in bullets so that it looks presentable and also something that would never miss the readerís eyes. Important decisions taken during the tenure, the befits reaped from the decision, the effectiveness and the efficiency through which various tasks were done, rewards and recognition received for the said task also forms an integral part of the letter. A copy of the major achievements and honors in the form of certificates can be attached to this letter to support your points.

In most cases your superiors are already aware of some of the major achievements but it is always better to add all the necessary points in the letter because these official letters are often viewed by higher authorities as well in most cases to take a better decision. There are chances that your supervisor might not remember all your achievements during the time of promotion if the information is not documented. This would stand as a solid proof for your credentials.

Given below is a sample example of police promotion cover letter for individual in this profession. Candidates can view this letter as reference. The letter might prove helpful for them while drafting such a letter. The letter needs to be written keeping in mind the kind of promotion the candidate is looking for. Changes to the letter can be made at the candidateís discretion.

Police Promotion Cover Letter 2

Ralph S. Burwell,
2299 Kildeer Drive,
Boynton Beach, FL 33436,
(754)-214 7476.

Date: August 13, 2008.

Mr. Louis R. Bevins,
ABC Corporation,
861 Glen Street,
Madisonville, KY 42431.

Dear Mr. Bevins

I am writing this letter to inquire about a possible promotion for me. You must be aware that I am the only person having more than five years of experience as an officer and I feel it's the time for me to move up from an officerís position to a detective.

My past records prove that I deserve this position. Throughout my career as an officer for this station, I have arrested more than 400 criminals committing crimes ranging from speeding to drug dealing. Apart from this I have always given my best in assisting the community to become a safer place to live.

Last year I started a program called the Play Safe program for children at the local elementary school. The objective of the program is making children aware of having fun outside in a safe way. The program also provides information on talk on the buddy system, dangers of the road and stranger safety. I was awarded two plaques at banquets of two different schools for my best efforts and success of the program. The program is now spread all over in the California state as well as in Delaware and New Jersey.

My overall dedication and commitment towards my work makes me to think that I deserve to be promoted to the next level. I assure you that after becoming a detective I can continue my duty with the same zest and enthusiasm.

If you have any doubts or question in mind please don't hesitate to call me. I would be glad to hear from you and I thank you for taking some time out from your busy schedule to read my letter.



Ralph S. Burwell.

Achievements and honors

Police Promotion Cover Letter needs to be drafted in a professional manner. The letter should contain pleasantries for the recipient. Apart from this the letter it should be courteous and should be drafted with some thought.


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