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Sample Police Chief Cover Letter

The intention behind writing the cover letter is to get the hiring personnel to consider you for the selection process. In every job, the interview is the actual stage where you will have to put the best effort in getting the job. However, to get up to that stage of an interview, you have to show your eligibility and create an impression through your cover letter.

The cover letter will speak for you. It tells the readers something special about you. In addition, it reflects your knowledge, skills and experiences you need to have for the job and your future goals as well. A polite and formal tone is necessary to show the signs of decency and professionalism. Include all the essential elements of a business letter, including: date, your contact details (name, address, phone number), contact details of the police department, salutation and body paragraphs.

You can speak about general characteristics such as your dedication for the job, punctuality and trustworthiness. Avoid writing details that you can cover while talking to the hiring committee personally such as your ability to jump over a six-foot wall, or to run a particular distance within minutes.

Police Chief Cover Letter

Andrew J. Miller
1500 Police Street
Brentwood, NY 11717
Phone: (123) XXX-7250 • Email:

September 27, 2011

Mr. Lamar Corona
City of Brentwood Police Department
1500 Parkview Drive
Tucson, AZ 11710

Dear Mr. Corona,

Mr. Andy J. Gerald from the state vigilance department gave me his reference to apply for the position of a police chief in your department. Please accept my application and the enclosed resume for your consideration. I have served the Brentwood city for the past nine years. And now I am ready to take my job to the next level where I can serve the city with my strong leadership quality.

From my resume, you will find that I meet all the required qualifications and experiences for the position. One thing I was not able to show in my resume is my dedication for the job and a strong urge to work for the safety of the community. As an assistant police chief, I have worked for the public safety with a population of 20,000 residents.

I have handled high-profile cases and successfully handled media. I know the responsibilities shouldered by a police chief. A police chief is the leader of community and the department, and is someone looked upon as a role model in the community. I have contributed in designing and implementing programs for the safety of the community. I have taken fair decisions in controlled emergency situations.

As a public-safety leader, it is essential for a police chief to participate in programs meant for the community improvements. I have managed my duty with great dignity by being involved in the city’s civic activities. My work has been honored by Lions and Rotary Club of Brentwood. In the desired position, I will even contribute a lot with my experience for Tucson community.

On personal ground, I feel police chief have to work constantly towards the development program of the community. I am capable of enforcing new strategies and policies to keep crime under control and implement a program for youth so that they are not misled by any anti-social elements.

My goal in applying for the job is to get involved in the improvement programs for the safety of the Tucson community. I will also attract investors and civilians to the city by helping in earning the reputation for the city as a safe, crime-free and attractive.

I have already outlined my annual plans that I will carry out as a police chief. I will talk about it when we meet in person. I will give you call on the first week of next month.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew J. Miller

Enclosure: Resume

This sample of a police chief cover letter is written by an assistant police chief seeking a promotion in the job. The letter shows the reader that the writer has an understanding about what it takes for the job. If you are treading on the same path and needs a hike in your position, then refer this sample cover letter while expressing your capabilities.


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