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Cover letters for pilot jobs are usually written to apply for a position in the field of aerospace and its technology. Request for proposal letter is written by the institute or organization to the concerned party or parties who are in a position to undertake a work or responsibility.

A proposal is usually made to the vendors for giving them quotations and specifications of what kind of work or requirement the company wish to attain. The proposal is backed with all the paper work and necessary information for the vendor’s reference. It is up to the party or vendor whether to agree to do the work on the terms and conditions laid by them. The vendor might also lay some rules and regulations from their end before proceeding. The process at times is quite lengthy as it involves ample discussion, meetings, communications, making a deal, signing contracts with the parties involved and also mutual understanding and trust.

Companies or organization has to do ample research about the vendors and their reputation before they approach prospective vendors for a proposal. Availability of the vendor also plays a major role in undertaking the projects.

Given below is a sample cover letter requesting a proposal offer to a vendor. The letter can be used as a reference before making a proposal in this filed.

Sample Cover Letter for Pilot

Request for Proposal Letter

January 1, 1997

Mr. Richard J. Mccullough
Mercury-B-Gone, Inc.
Compliance Avenue,
885 Doe Meadow Drive,
Frederick, MD 21701.

Dear Mr. Mccullogh,

The Healing Hospital invites you to submit a proposal for the completion of an in situ mercury removal pilot study to be conducted on our regulated wastewater stream. As is detailed in the attached Request for Proposal (RFP), our institution discharges an effluent which may contain trace concentrations of mercury to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). The MWRA has imposed an enforcement limit of 1.0 g/L on mercury discharges to their collection system, and we are investigating sources of industrial wastewater pretreatment (IWWT) systems that may be capable of attaining this limit. Your firm has been identified to us as one offering pretreatment systems potentially capable of achieving the MWRA's mercury discharge limit.

The vendor whose proposal is selected in response to this RFP will be responsible for designing, installing, operating and, eventually, removing an in situ pilot scale IWWT system within our facility to demonstrate its capacity for meeting or exceeding all MWRA effluent discharge requirements. As specified in the RFP, sampling points must be provided at and between each of the process units supplied within the pilot scale system to allow the determination of serial mercury removal efficiency through the system. A series of "compliance sampling" events will also need to be conducted once the system attains steady state. The Vendor's final product will be a report detailing field conditions; this would be followed by interpreting the information to full scale conditions inclusive of design parameters, sustained system performance and costs (capital, installation and operating).

I will serve as the facility contact and can be reached at (617) 123-4567 to answer any questions that you may have prior to the submission of a detailed quotation. Proposals are due within three weeks of the date of this cover letter. Note that the institution reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject any or all proposals received.

Thank you, in advance, for your participation on this important project.


Fletcher C. Blodgett.

Vice President, Facilities.

Proposal letters need to be detailed and should include even the minor specifications of the company’s requirements. One should also jot the responsibilities and about the final product from the company’s perspective in the letter. This will help to clarify the expectations and requirements from the vendor.


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