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There are two ways to raise your salary issues when you receive a job offer from a new company. You can either call the concerned manager, or you can choose to negotiate by writing a salary negotiation letter. Both the ways of negotiation are accepted in the industry. If you prefer letter, then make sure you give a proper reason and convince the employer sensibly in accepting your demand. In reality, there is no standard rule or a formula in writing the salary negotiation letter, but if you follow certain standards, it is likely that the employers may accept your demand. Here are some guidelines you will find useful in writing the letter.

As a general rule, every professional cover letter should first start with something good that may help the reader to control the effect he/she is likely to receive from the following paragraph. Therefore, state the good things by showing your interest for the position in the first paragraph. Tell them you are happy to receive the job offer, and you are eager to join the job. Express your confidence in performing the job for the benefit of the company. Mentions things you would want to take care about in your new job.

Now, get down to the business and write the amount stated on the offer letter. Then put your counter offer followed by the statement that justifies your demand. Talk about what you did for your previous employer. Whether it is saving money for the company, or generating new income sources, repeating these qualities would remind the employer about your qualities. Here, the need is to support your demand for the salary hike.

You can further extend your paragraph keeping its length to one page, and try to negotiate other issues such as traveling allowances, medical insurances, dearness allowances, etc. if there is any need for it. However, each issue you would be raising should be supported with a statement. Try to include those things that are necessary in joining the job. Otherwise, the employers may feel that you are expecting more than the job profile.

Salary Negotiation Cover Letter before Joining Pharmaceutical Jobs

Reginald R. Sizemore,
561 Fire Access Road
West Jefferson, NC 28694,
(336)-000 7495.

Date: October 10, 2011.

Mr. Mike Y. Kaufman,
HR Manager,
ABC Pharma Ltd.,
1176 Rhode Island Avenue,
Washington, DC 20011.

Dear Mr. Kaufman,

I am rejoicing at the moment as I have just received the job offer letter from ABC Pharma Ltd. for the position of xyz (write the position you are selected for). I thank the management for considering me for the job. I am very interested in this (name the position) job as I feel my skills and experiences would suit this job. And I am confident in performing my job for the expansion and improvements of the company. With the company's work ethics and good working environment, as noticed during the interview process, I am expecting in achieving many good things for the company.

Before starting my work in your company, I would like to point towards the salary package mentioned on the offer letter. The letter reads an annual salary of $___. And my expected salary is $___. I have been in this pharmaceutical industry for nine years. In these nine years, I have won many feathers for my cap. I am attaching copies of certificates as a testimonial of my achievements for your reference.

Further, I have an offer in my hand from ABC Company. They are offering me a salary of $___, which is $___ higher than your offering. However, my interest is to join your company because of your work ethics and the environment you provide to your employees.

I would like to join your company on a scale that is beneficial for both of us. I, therefore, request you to consider my application for salary negotiation and offer me my expected pay. Please give me your appointment so that we can resolve the salary issue in person.


Reginald R. Sizemore.

Pharmaceutical industry usually research, develop, test, and market health-related products. Your job profile may depend on your qualifications, skills and experiences. The paid and expected salary will also vary as such. Therefore, wherever the job position, and the need to state the current, offered and the expected salary rose, we have put ___. You can fill the actual figures when using this sample letter to draft your salary negotiation letter.


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