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Cover letters are gaining immense popularity in this booming era of technology. The progress of technology has not snatched away the beauty of letter, no matter whatever else it has replaced. Letters were popular in the earlier times, and they are popular in these times also.

Cover letters are that official letters, which are used by both employers and the employees as well. It acts as a formal medium of communication between these two parties. Any kind of proposals or any kind of official messages can be conveyed through cover letters. A follow-up cover letter is written in order to keep in touch with the recruiter or the employer, throughout the recruitment procedure. It will help you in impressing the employer/recruiter. When you write to the recruiter or the employer after each process, it kindles a good rapport, even before you become a part of the organization. It also gives the impression that you are keen to be a part of the company.

You can go through the sample cover letters in this page to get a clear idea on how to write such a cover letter.

Follow Up of Telephone Call

Amber W. Federico,
4567 Clover Drive,
La Junta, CO 81050,

Date: June 26, 2009.

Mr. George A. Jones,
DEF Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,
4833 Cessna Drive,
South Bend, IN 46625.

Dear Mr. Jones,

I write this letter with immense joy and pleasure, to tell you that I was very happy and excited to get your call yesterday. I had applied for the post of Junior Researcher in your company, but I was not completely aware of the kind of responsibilities that accompanies the post, as each company has its own style of working. I thank you from my heart for calling me yesterday and solving all my ignorance regarding the post.

Now I have a clear idea about the post and the responsibilities. And now I am pretty happy with my decision to join DEF Pharmaceuticals. I have enclosed my updated resume along with this letter. I hope that you will show consideration in going through it.

I also thank you for giving me the references of various people associated with this field and post. I will definitely contact them and expand my knowledge about this field. Meanwhile I would look forward to hear from you soon and again.


Amber W. Federico.

1. Resume – myresume.doc

Follow Up of Telephone Call Cover Letter for Pharma Jobs

Guy J. Blankenship,
1342 Hillside Drive,
Charlestown, MA 02129,
(339)-600 4287.

Date: March 15, 2007.

Ms. Marlene T. Rossi,
PQR Pharmaceuticals.,
2657 Jacobs Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

Dear Ms. Rossi,

I felt very happy to receive your call today. And I sincerely apologize for not picking up the first time you called. I had actually gone out with some work.

I really appreciate the patience that you showed. I had some issues with the content of the job description that you had posted in your site. I could not make out the meaning exactly and that was why I wanted to talk to you and clear my doubts. I once again thank you for calling me. I really appreciate the humble attitude that you portrayed while explaining to me the various aspects of the job and the types of responsibilities that I will supposedly be undertaking if I am considered for the post. I now have a clear picture about what my career objective has to be and what all should be my goals if am selected for the post.

I hope that my interest to join the organization and my qualifications will be taken into consideration. I assure you my presence on time for the interview scheduled for tomorrow. Looking forward to meet you tomorrow.



Guy J. Blankenship.

1. Resume – myresume.doc
2. Certificate of appreciation, Regional Pharmaceuticals Ltd. – appletter.doc
3. Copy of "The Best Key Holders" award – award.doc


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