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Sample A Cover Letter to Personal Referral

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A cover letter is written as an introduction to your resume. It is like a narrative that introduces a play or a movie. It introduces you to the crux of the element that is going to follow. Similarly, a cover letter assimilates all the vital details of your resume. Just as a narrative does not repeat the play, your cover letter must not repeat what is already written in your resume. If you do this then there is no difference between a resume and a cover letter.

A cover letter to personal referral also possesses the same demands. This type of a cover letter is written to a person who maybe your peer or acquaintance in your field, who is well equipped with various job openings information, and who has a good hold over the people who are successful or reputed. The person should be one who can help you in finding a suitable job related to your qualification and skills.

In such a cover letter, you put forward your reasons for searching a new job. You can also tell him what your preferences are and what kind of job you are looking for. The language has to be official, irrespective of the kind of relationship you share with that person, because the cover letter itself is an official piece of writing.

The samples given in this page will lend you a helping hand in drafting such a cover letter.

A Sample Cover Letter to a Personal Referral

Jenifer H. Jones,
91 Barrington Court,
Little Rock, AR 72201,
Phone: 870-606-2402
Email Address:

Date: 1st May, 2005.

John P. Taylor,
DEF Pharma Co.
3794 Hall Street,
New Jersey 89101,
Phone: 702-474-1950.

Dear Taylor,

I have been trying your phone since two-three days, but I could not get through. I called up at your home then your wife told me that you are away on a business trip and will be back in a week's time. I thought I would write to you in detail, so that you can read it when you are free, rather than call you and disturb your schedule.

I write this letter to tell you that due to some personal reasons I am leaving this town in the coming week. I will be relocating to New Jersey soon. Due to this, I will not be able to continue to continue my job at National Pharma Ltd anymore. I have completed three years in this company as a Staff Supervisor. I have good knowledge of the manufacturing department and have immense experience in bulk production procedures and various other administration activities. I would be very happy to work as a Senior Staff Supervisor, taking into consideration the amount of experience that I have in this field, in any reputed organization in New Jersey. I would require your assistance in this.

As you have been living in that city for a long time, I know that you will be acquainted with many people in this field whom I can contact for job details. If there are any opportunities in your knowledge that would suit my skills, kindly let me know. I am attaching my resume along with this letter. Please feel free to forward it to companies and people you know.

I hope to hear some positive responses from you soon. Thank you so much for your time and interest


Jenifer H. Jones

Resume: myresume.docx

Cover Letter to a Personal Referral

Edwin G. Newton,
153 Rogers Street,
Cincinnati, OH 45214,
(513)-550 9480
Email Address:

Date: November 14, 2011.

Ms. Angela E. Gardner,
ABC Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
857 Red Hawk Road,
Kensington, MN 56343,

Dear Miss Gardner,

It has been three years since I joined PQR Pharmaceuticals Ltd. It has been a great moment in time working there. I have gathered immense knowledge and experience from this company working as a Junior Researcher.

I would like to explore new areas in this field by working as a Senior Researcher. Today, I write to you with a special purpose. As you have been an eminent part of this field since many years, I guess you are the right person to help me with this. I am enclosing my resume along with this letter. Kindly go through it and see whether you know about any organization where there is a place for me as a Researcher. I would prefer to work in a reputed and well-known pharmaceutical company, where my skills and experiences will be counted.

I would request you to pass on my resume to any such company that you think will suit my credentials and skills. I would look forward to hear from you soon.


Edwin G. Newton

Resume: resume.doc


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