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Sample Internship Cover Letter 01

Cover Letter for Journalism

Cover letter for journalism jobs need to be included along with the resume while applying for jobs. A cover letter helps to highlight the skills of the candidate that are suitable for the job. Education and experience gained in the said field can also prove very effective for employers to take a note.

Given below is an example of an internship cover letter. Internship cover letters are usually written by candidates who do not have any experience working in the field. They are written by senior students who are in the process of completing their degree or also for short-term summer jobs. Working as an intern gives the candidate an edge over the others who have no practical work experience upon completing their education.

While writing internship cover letters the candidates should highlight their interest and major projects and assignments they had worked on. The kind of research done for the project, books referred and a brief description of the project features could prove very helpful. You can also think of attaching a copy of the project/journal for the employer’s reference.

Sample Resume Cover Letter for Internship

Paul V. Koenig,
4887 Kinney Street,
Agawam, MA 01001,
(413)-537 6550.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Michael M. Triplett,
The Daily Granite,
229 Kennedy Court
Mansfield, MA 02048.

Dear Mr. Triplett,

My name is Paul Koenig and I would like to be considered for an internship at The Daily Granite. I am pursuing my journalism major from the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland and am very interested in writing news and current events. I have immersed myself in newsrooms for the past four years.

I recently completed a semester covering the Maryland General Assembly for Capital News Service; the university-run wire that provides stories to dozens of Maryland newspapers, including The Baltimore, Sun and The Washington Post.

Apart from this, I spent last summer at The Boston Globe, where I wrote for the city desk, covering sport news. I spent a semester in the Washington bureau of the BuffaloNews, where I covered congressional hearings and floor debates. I have also written for The Gazette Newspapers; a local chain of weeklies, and The Diamondback; a 17,000-circulation student daily.

I am comfortable coving sport news and can also turn out a well-written feature story on deadline. I have included a range of clips in this letter to demonstrate my skills.

An internship at The Daily Granite would give me the additional boost that I need to begin my career as a reporter. Thank you for considering my application. I have included a list of my references along with my resume.

If you feel I am right candidate for the job, please feel free to call me on the above number at your convenience. You can also reach me at 301-555-1212 (home) or 240-111-6666 (cell) to schedule a time.


Paul V. Koenig.

1. Resume.
2. Project 1
3. Clip 1

Internship cover letters for journalism jobs should emphasize the candidate’s skills. It should be a well written letter without any errors as the candidate’s writing skills can be tested through the letter. It becomes easy for the candidate to create any impact on the employer through the letter. Candidates can write the letter as per their writing style and make sure that the letter is a personalized letter; drafted exclusively for the employer or firm.

The letter must be accompanied by a resume or sample work from the projects or assignments done during the course of obtaining their degree. The letter should end on a polite note with appreciation and gratitude towards the employer.


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