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Sample Photojournalist Cover Letter

Employers generally look for applications that are sent along with a cover letter as it helps them in easy screening. Therefore, it is essential to send a well-drafted cover letter every time you apply for job. Never write a single cover letter and copy paste it the same way for every employer. Cover letters are run time letters you should write a new letter each time you are sending your application for a new employer or the same employer for any other job position. Understanding the requirements specified by the employer is very essential before you start writing your photojournalist cover letter.

Job Profile for Photojournalist:

Photojournalism can be an interesting career to take up for people who are interested in photography and journalism. These people usually get an opportunity to work with the newspapers, news channels, magazines where they have to cover hot and happening stories for these mass communication media. They should be able to work in adverse conditions and have devotion towards their work. They get opportunity to travel and sometimes have to deal with some emergency conditions. A degree in mass communications and photography course is essential for this profile. They may have to cover any issues like, political issues, social issues, riots, war stories, etc. Therefore, it is essential that they have excellent communication skills along with sound knowledge of the technicalities of photography and editing.

The job description given above is just as a supporting help for you to understand the roles and responsibilities of his profile. You can now draft your cover letter using the sample photojournalist cover letter given below.

Photojournalist Cover Letter

Dick Harrison
546 CV Road
867 Swiss Avenue
North Carolina 68976
Phone Number: 479-789-5785
E-mail id:

Date: August 23, 2011

William Steven
Human Resource Manager
Happening Daily News
North Carolina 36846

Subject: Application to seek challenging position of Photojournalist
Reference: Advertisement in (ref. code: ph785)

Dear Mr. William Steven,

This letter and enclosed resume is in interest of the position of photojournalist with your news channel. I came across an advertisement posted by your organization on August 22, 2011 in with reference code ph785 for the position of photojournalist. I am looking for a job in the same profile and my experience and talents match your requirements and it gives me pleasure to express my interest in the said position.

I have been working as a photojournalist since 3 years and have experience of dealing with all the aspects and problems coming across in this profile. I am aware of the risks and possible threats of this profession and have ability to tackle with any adverse situations as and when necessary. I have sound knowledge of the technicalities involved in photography and encompass excellent editing skills. I have ability to work independently and in a team and ability to look into the details of the matter. I will surely be a valuable asset for your news channel.

For more details about my experience you can read my resume I am sending with this letter. I you have any queries you can call me on the above mentioned phone number, 479-789-5785. You can also contact me by sending me an e-mail on

Thank you for utilizing your valuable time in reviewing my cover letter. It would be a pleasure meeting you soon.

Sincerely yours,
Dick Harrison


  • Resume hard copy
  • Salary slip from previous employer
  • Recommendation letter

Hope the example photojournalist cover letter given here helps you in drafting an precise and appealing cover letter to boost your career.


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