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Sample Thank You Cover Letter To Referrer

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A thank you letter to the referrer is written after getting the referrer’s valued suggestion and guidance to take the right career decision. In this letter the candidate should thank the referrer for taking their precious time off to meet or speak with the candidate and give the necessary insight about the career, the candidate wishes to pursue.

In most cases, job seekers who are fresh out of college are confused about taking the right career move. Talking to a referrer in such case proves very helpful for the pupil to make the right career choice.

Thank You Letter to Referrer

Randall D. Flanagan,
2819 Hickory Lane,
Washington, DC 20024,
(202)-484 4356.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Philip M. Adams,
Adroit Web Solutions,
220 Whitetail Lane,
Dallas, TX 75247.

Dear Mr. Adams,

      Our discussion on my career goals, has given me a deep insight about my strengths and skill-sets. I am now reworking on my resume and have included many of your thoughtful suggestions. I will be sending you a copy in a couple of days.

      I thank you once again, for taking time from your busy schedule to see me. I will keep in touch with you and follow your suggestions on pursuing an internship program of at least 3 months before taking up any IT job.


Randall D. Flanagan.

Sample Letter of Thank You to Referrer

Seth R. Mills,
3784 Petunia Way,
Birmingham, AL 35222,
(205)-746 7007.

Date:September 26, 2011.

Mr. Hubert J. Lavoie,
General Manager,
Crompton & Green Pvt. Ltd.,
3656 Ben Street,
Lansing, MI 48911.

Dear Mr. Lavoie,

It was a pleasure meeting you and I truly appreciate your knowledge and the deep insight you gave me about my career. I am very much convinced of your ideas and thoughts. I have already enrolled myself for a course in testing and look forward to combine my knowledge with this new milestone. I also understood that there is a growing demand for testers in the near future, while getting enrolled. Your esteemed guidance and foresight in this field is unmatched.

I would like to stay in touch with you for any future queries. If ever you come across a job which is suitable for me as per my skills and qualifications, I would be more than eager to take it.

I would be drafting my resume as per the current business trends and would like you to check it and provide your valued suggestion. Your experience in this matter would prove quite helpful for me for future jobs.

I thank you for taking time, off your busy schedule, to meet me. I also appreciate you giving me your direct contact number. I would stay in touch and as said earlier would contact you only while taking a crucial decision of my career.

Sincerely, Seth R. Mills.

Thank You Cover Letter to Referrer

Edwin A. Pearce,
4845 Raver Croft Drive,
Johnson City, TN 37601,
(423)-676 8522.

Date:September 26, 2011.

Mr. Joshua L. Cardenas,
Director General,
Dunkan Soft,
425 Lakeland Park Drive,
Marietta, GA 30062.

Dear Mr. Cardenas,

Our discussion on taking the right career move has proved very helpful for me. I have gained a lot of confidence as I am pretty sure of what the future has in store in for.

I would be doing my Masters in Computer Science as discussed and I am pretty sure that after completing this degree I would go places. The insight you gave about the course and how important these applications are in the present scenario, I am very much convinced how important this could prove to shape my career.

I thank you for your time and your valued suggestion. I would stay in touch for your valued suggestion in the future.


Edwin A. Pearce.


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