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Sample Software Developer Cover Letter

Information technology is used in all manufacturing and service industry. These sectors need computer programs to run their businesses. Hence, the job opportunities for software developers are huge. To find a job in an information technology companies, you need to present your cover letter to the hiring manager.

To write your software developer cover letter, you must know what skills you should highlight in the letter, and who the person to be contacted is. The letter should inform the hiring manager that you have the knowledge about the company background and the software products they are developing. The cover letter should include an overview about your skills, experience and training that fits the job position.

Extra care should be taken to maintain the tone of the cover letter. It shouldn’t sound as though you are over-qualified for the job, or overly self-confident. Make sure you maintain a professional tone throughout the letter. The cover letter is a document that represents your candidature for the position. Hence, the software developer cover letter should convey your message in a formal manner.

There are two ways of applying to a company for a job. First, to respond to the company’s request for their job posting. Second, to write on your own to enquire about the possible job opening or to inform the hiring manager that you have the skills and experience that may be useful for the company if any vacancy arises.

When writing about your professional experience, you can mention the software product you have developed and provide an example of how the product is helping your clients in their business. You can relate those skills with the job and explain how it will help in contributing to the success of the company that you are applying for. Use of jargons and software terms should be avoided because the cover letter would be read by the hiring managers who are not from a software background.

Use the last paragraph of your software developer cover letter to express your confidence for the position. Include what you are going to do after posting this cover letter. Don’t simply write ‘I am waiting for your response.’ Let the hiring manage know that you are eager to meet him/her and how you want to make an appointment.

Software Developer Cover Letter

Cristobal J. Simpson
120 Development Street
Computer City, Developer State – 45102
Phone: (641) XXX-7649

September 5, 2011

Ms. Sally I. Morgan
Hiring Manager
ABC Software Developers
150 Logic Street
Hiring City, Programming State – 45105

Dear Ms. Morgan,

I was always interested in contributing my skills and knowledge towards child education. When I started to search the companies who are pioneered in developing software that is useful for child education, ABC Software Developers’ name emerged on the top of the list. As we share a similar passion, I am writing this cover letter to brief you about my experience and at the same time to enquire about any possible software developer opening.

I have been working as a software developer since March 2006. I have designed and developed software for clients, which is useful in maintaining the accounts, finance and projects’ database. I have done Master’s in computer engineering, and I am very good with all latest software-development languages. Besides accounting, I have also developed software for weather forecast for government organization.

As mentioned earlier, my interest is in developing software which schools can use for teaching students. With the working platform your company provides, I can use my skills and experience to develop new things that would facilitate in improving child education.

I will be a happy person if you could call me back within a week to fix the date and time of our meeting. That way, I can share my ideas and views in greater detail. Thank you for allowing me to apply.

Yours sincerely,

Cristobal J. Simpson

Enclosure: Resume

The experiences, skills and area of interest will not be similar in software developers. This software developer cover letter sample is written in a professional manner to communicate the area of interest, brief experiences, and at the same it also enquires about the job opening.


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