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It takes great skills to become a developer. As a developer, you are responsible for developing wide arrays of business aspects. The skills and qualifications you should have will depend on what sort of development activity you prefer. If you are more inclined towards business, then you must have a commerce degree with specialization either in finance, administration, human resource, marketing, or accounts. As a business developer, you will be responsible for developing business and branding the company’s products. You will also have to generate a source of income for the company through effective planning and innovative marketing strategies.

If information technology is something you are curious about, then you have wider preferences to choose from. As a software developer, you will be responsible for developing the system or product as per clients’ specifications. You will have to work with a team of experienced software developers, and a proper coordination among the team is a must to deliver a great product. You should have good interpretation and analyzing skills regarding the technical requirements of the product. Software developers should have better understanding about programming languages to debug any errors in the programming codes.

Whatever is your area of specialization, business or information technology, the developer cover letters should forward your development skills to the employers. The format and style of presenting one’s skills hold lots of importance when seeking a developer’s job. The content of the cover letters should be focused on the needs of the employers. This is where job-seekers fail in securing an interview call, because their cover letters are often unfocused and doesn’t speak about their skills and qualifications that employers are seeking. The other reasons most cover letters fail in job search are lack of research work about the company, and failure in understanding the jobs’ expectations.

Hence, people trying to make their career as developers should understand the need to write a cover letter. Basically, a cover letter solves three purposes: First, it tries to sell your skills and experiences to employers who could use it for their business interest. Second, to emphasize any special quality that could aid your job as a developer. Third, to express interest and explain the benefits the company could derive from your experience.

Further, to elaborate these points, the first paragraph of developer cover letters should be something similar to this: “With extensive work experience as a business development manager in selling industrial and residential projects to a greater number of clients, I am writing this letter to associate myself with your prestigious organization. Having worked with the talented sales team throughout my business development career, I have acquired skills that can meet any sales target and generate revenue for the business. I am confident that my years of professional commitment and dedication will help your company in achieving new milestones.

In the second paragraph, you can write about your achievement and relate it with the job’s position. If you believe you can help in achieving both your and company’s goal, then explain how your employment will benefit the company. For example: “Deriving advantage from the experiences gained from working with XYZ and ABC corporation, I believe that I am capable of bringing in overseas clients for your business. J&J Security Systems, Smith Brothers, Fair & Clean Filters, are few international names my previous employers still enjoy doing business with them.”

The third paragraph should be a summary of your strength and qualifications that is in tandem with the position you want to work in. Format it in a neat and clean way to enable the employer to read it easily. Each skill should be presented in one sentence with a bullet mark. Don’t overdo in summarizing your skills. Four to five skills at the most is sufficient for the employer to gauge your capability.

When closing your developer cover letter, don’t try to be a drab by stating “I will be an asset to your organization if given an opportunity.” This sentence was acceptable few years back. Now it has become outdated. You can instead express your interest in working with the employer or explain how you will be beneficial to the company.

If you still find it difficult to write the developer cover letter, find below the links for cover letter samples. There are all types of developer cover letters written for business and technology industry.


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