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Sample Pre Interview Cover Letter

Cover Letter for Graphic Designer

Graphic designer cover letters should be sent along with the resume when applying for job vacancies in the field of graphic design.

You as a graphic designer, have better chances of making a positive impression on your employer, if you send in an aptly constructed cover letter along with an equally impressive resume.

The resume is a professional document, whereas a cover letter grants you space to add a personal touch to your interaction with the employer. A cover letter reflects your personality; therefore, your cover letter should be extremely impressive. It should be free of any typographical, spelling or grammar mistakes, as presence of any of these will create a poor impression and your employer might not read your resume.

Graphic designer cover letter consists of three or four paragraphs. A graphic designer cover letter will be divided into:

  • Introduction: Your name and the post you are applying for should be mentioned here. You can also include here how you got to know about the job opening.

  • Body: It should include your qualifications, skills and relevant experiences in a way that shows you as a perfect candidate for the job. You may mention your strengths. Do not just copy your resume into your cover letter. You need something that would attract the employers' attention and impress them.

  • Conclusion: It should have a request of some action on behalf of the employer, how you plan to follow-up and a note of gratitude.

A cover letter is your first impression on your employer, and hence it must be a good one. You can include important qualities and key words like experience in visual arts, page layout techniques, high profile projects; improvement in revenue figures; improvement in aesthetics, formatting and design of websites; and so on.

Pre-Interview Cover Letter

Carl P. Armstrong,
2615 Lochmere Lane,
Ledyard, CT 06339,
(860)-464 8865.

Date: May 1, 2005.

Mr. Michael B. Smith,
ABC Private Ltd.,
3771 Nancy Street,
Stamford, CT 06338.

Dear Mr. Smith,

Through Career Services, I learned that ABC Pvt. Ltd would be interviewing on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay on Thursday, July 18, 2005. I am writing to express my interest in your training program and would like an opportunity to meet with you during your visit.

The career opportunity offered with your organization is a strong match for my background. With a Communication and Arts major laying emphasis on Graphic Designing, I have worked on several team-designed projects ranging from logo design to creating promotional materials for a business. My classroom experiences combined with my expertise in using QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop will allow me to be a successful member of your design team.

After going through my resume, you will find that, I have worked for the past two years as a Graphic Design Intern with Career Services at UW – Green Bay. In that position, I worked with several staff members to design and create both advertisements for office events and office brochures. Through this interaction, I have realized the value of communication in translating a client's ideas into a visual product. I would welcome the chance to apply the skills and knowledge I have gained to a position at ABC Pvt. Ltd.

I am eager to have an opportunity to meet for an interview during your visit to the UW-Green Bay campus. If the schedule becomes full, I would be willing to travel to your local office for a meeting. Thank you for considering my candidacy for this position.


Carl P. Armstrong,
Ledyard, CT.


Now that you have a good idea about creating a graphic designer cover letter, you can start working on composing your cover letter. You can make changes in this sample according to your needs, but it is better if you put your creative ideas to work and make an impressive personalized cover letter from scratch.


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