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Officer is the designation assigned to a person who has some sort of authority in an organization. Each of this designation will have different roles and responsibilities depending upon the job profile, and it will vary among companies. Few of the areas where people interested in this designation can work are: information technology, finance, security, army, personnel, police, etc.

The responsibilities of an Information Technology officer would depend on how big or small the company is. It will further keep on changing with the emergence of the new technologies. The information officers have to purchase hardware and software considering the need of the company. They have to provide support to these systems with their trouble-shooting ability, and maintain the operating system. Regular backup of the data and maintenance of the server are done by these professionals.

Finance officer, on the other hand, will perform different functions as compared to the information technology officer. They have to look after the finance activities of the company. As finance is the backbone of any organization, the burden of responsibility on a finance officer’s shoulder is tremendous. The finance officer adopts a measure that helps the company to control excess spending. They even prepare the finance budgeting of the operations.

Now, it’s not easy to go on talking about all the responsibilities shouldered by an officer in different fields. What we are interested here is to find out what should be included in the officer cover letter while applying, and why it is important to send the cover letter with your resume.

Sometimes, it happens that though a candidate has the needed qualifications and experience for the position, he/she is not selected for an interview. On the contrary, candidates who have fewer years of experience, and qualifications simply outshine the deserving ones with well-crafted cover letters. This is because the cover letter is your first and last opportunity in knocking the door of the employment. It is the only step that clears every hurdle and compels the reader to open your resume.

The method of writing a cover letter will depend on how the employers expect you to respond to the job-opening being published. For example: some employers prefer applicants to mail them their responses. And others recommend hard copies through the post. The writing style to respond to each of this style is different.

Few of the steps we would like to recommend you before writing your officer cover letter are the following:

  • First write your resume

    Updating your resume will help you in summarizing your newly achieved skills, abilities and qualifications. Also, your resume shouldn’t be the same for every employer, and it must be according to the job’s specification you are applying for. Customizing your resume is necessary to reflect your strengths most suited for the job.

  • Research is important

    Most of the job-seekers fail to understand the importance of research. One should know what type of company he/she is trying to work with. Their products, services, mission statement, clients, nature of work, etc. will help you in writing the cover letter as well as answer the question “what do you know about our company?” when asked during the interview.

  • Analyze the job

    When reading the job posting, try to understand the job description. If possible, draw a distinct line between what is written and what is expected. Identify the most important thing the employer is trying to find. Note down those things in a piece of paper randomly. Cross-check it one by one when you have included them in your cover letter.

  • Personalize the letter

    Keep it in mind that it’s people who communicate with people. The only difference is the mode used to communicate. The cover letter is the mode, and as such you should address it to a person who is going to read it. Find out the name of the person through your network, friend, or the company’s website.

If you follow these steps before writing the officer cover letter, you will find yourself at the top of candidates list to be called for an interview. If you aren’t satisfied with these tips alone, then have patience as this site offers you with a variety of sample cover letters when applying for an officer’s position.


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