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Sample Executive Housekeeper Cover Letter

The profile of an executive housekeeper involves a lot of efforts and hard work. They have to be well organized and should also possess leadership skills for the smooth working of the job. Previous work experience as a housekeeper proves as a stepping stone to their career as they become completely aware of minute intricacies and the demands of the job. With a housekeeping experience they are able to guide the other workers about the details of the job and how to effectively perform the tasks involved in the job.

An executive housekeeper has to plan, coordinate, manage, and organize everything in the housekeeping department. They need to keep a track of the cleaning supplies and equipments and order the supplies on a regular basis. Apart from this they also need to do a random supervision of all the rooms to check if they are well kept in an orderly manner. Experience is this department is very essential. A cover letter should reflect all these qualities of an executive housekeeper. The letter should briefly define the qualities of the candidate and what they can bring to the hospital or hotel after taking the position.

Executive Housekeeper Cover Letter

Matthew M. Townsend,
343 Fleming Street,
Dothan, AL 36301,
(334)-417 1538.

Date: August 13, 2008.

Mr. Matt P. Collins,
Vacation Inn,
4786 Hilltop Street,
Dothan, AL 36301.

Dear Mr. Collins,

I had been searching for employment opportunities for the position of as an executive housekeeper on since the past few days. Today I am very glad to read your post for such an opening. I have more than eight years housekeeping experience both as a maid and supervisor at Madonna Inn Motels.

My work experience at Madonna Inn Motels had been enriching and quite fruitful. I was moved to supervision of maid service after 5 years working as a maid. I have been well regarded and had excellent training during my service.

I would be happy if you set up a meeting with me to discuss this further. If you feel I am the ideal candidate for the post, please call me on the above telephone number to set up a time for meeting. I hope to hear from your soon. Thank you for your consideration and time.



Matthew M. Townsend.


Sample Cover Letter for Executive Housekeeper

Ronnie P. Greer,
4101 Webster Street,
East Dover, NJ 08753.

Date: October 3, 2011.

Mr. John A. Fergerson,
Blossoms Nursing Home,
2641 Ruckman Road,
Oklahoma City, OK 73116.

Dear Mr. Fergerson,

With reference to your advertisement in Times Today for the post of an Executive Housekeeper, I submit my resume for you kind perusal. After going through your job requirements, I feel that I am the most suitable candidate for this position.

With a High School Diploma in house-keeping, backed with a 5 years of experience in this field, I am completely aware of the demand of this profile. I have worked majorly in hospitals and I feel that my experience would be quite useful to the Nursing Home. I also have some experience in HVAC repairs, cleaning procedures and safe handling of materials.

Working as an Executive Housekeeper for the past two years for Angels Health Center, I have been the chief in-charge of directing and overseeing all the cleaning activities of the Health Center. I have been involved in the preparation and planning of the work schedule apart from handling customer complaints and effective customer service.

On a given day I order new tools and cleaning materials for the workers to effectively carry the cleaning activities. I personally check and direct the cleaning activities randomly and also inform workers about the procedures and policies that need to be followed when cleaning the rooms.

To add to my laurels I have been certified as a Registered Executive Housekeeper from the International Executive Housekeepers Association in August 2011 and I wish to do more in this field.

I would be glad to meet you for a personal interview to discuss my profile in detail, what I can bring to your organization and what your expectations from this profile are. I can be reached on the above telephone number. Please feel free to call me at a suitable time as per your convenience.

I thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Ronnie P. Greer.



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