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Sample Chief Financial Executive Cover Letter

A chief financial executive officer is the one who take all the major financial decisions in an organization. The designation demands a high sense of responsibility, qualifications, knowledge, commitment, hard work and experience. A candidate applying for this post is usually recommended with a 5–7 years of experience in this field. The chief financial executive officer reports to the chief executive officer and work and plans strategies with the CO. They work in the lines of budgeting, implementing new ideas, working together with other major member of the organization and implementing new ideas to reduce costs for the smooth functioning of an organization.

A cover letter for the chief financial executive officer should be drafted with a lot of thought. Candidate must perform a thorough research of the organization, firm or business they are applying for. The cover letter should highlight all the skills and qualifications of the candidate that could be used for the organization for optimum results and profits.

Chief Financial Executive Cover Letter

John P. Coleman,
3224 Pinchelone Street,
Norfolk, VA 23504,
(757)-316 6925.

Date: August 20, 2008.

Mr. Robert G. Salvatore,
S4 Group of Industries,
637 Tea Berry Lane,
Norfolk, VA 23504.

Dear Mr. Salvatore,

My solid background as Vice President, Certified Public Accountant, Financial Officer, and Controller for major firms including Coherent Inc – a 3Com Company, has permitted me to sharpen my skills that can be effectively utilized by your organization.

With my present pursuit of an MBA from University of California, I can also offer:

  • Mastery of variety of services such as S.W.O.T. analysis, benchmarking studies, planning, strategies, GAAP procedures, internal controls and investor relations.
  • Source to gain multi-million dollar revenue through practical negotiation of funding agreements and purchase contracts.
  • Experience in advanced upgrading of computer systems, comprehensive consultation and CITP licensing.

Enclosed is my resume that lists my additional capabilities. To discuss my qualifications further, I would call you within the next few days to set up an interview at your earliest convenience.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at the number listed above. Thank you for your attention.



John P. Coleman.


Cover Letter for Chief Financial Executive

Rick A. Williams,
3104 Sweetwood Drive,
Denver, CO 80202,
(303)-350 2831.

Date: October 7, 2011.

Mr. Paul T. Nguyen,
GKL Pvt. Ltd.,
4919 Rainy Day Drive,
South Boston, MA 02127.

Dear Mr. Nguyen,

Your job requirements published in the Weekly dated, September 25, 2011, for a post of a Chief Financial Executive, completely match with my profile. I assure you that I could bring more to the organization with the kind of exposure and knowledge I have gathered from my previous organizations.

With a Certified Public Accountant degree backed with a five years of financial and management experience I completely fit your requirements for this post. I possess a two-year direct service deliver experience apart from managing the financial operations of Scion Ltd., with staff strength of 1,500.

I am excellent with Accounting Principles, TANF program regulations, compliance requirements, OMB Circulars A–133, A–110 and A–122 and the code of Federal Regulations. Planning the budget and working with close coordination with COO to work on the statistics and development are some of my important duties. I possess strong communication skills and management skills to implement new ideas.

I would be happy to discuss the objectives of your organization and the plans that can be implemented for the success of the organization.

Please call me on the above telephone number to take this further. I would be happy to be on board given the reputation you carry as an organization. I assure you that with my knowledge and experience I would prove an asset to your firm.

I thank you for your time and your consideration and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Rick A. Williams.



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