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Sample Chief Executive Officer Cover Letter

A chief executive officer holds the higher rank in an organization, who is in charge of managing the firm. He/She have to report to the board of directors about the company's progress. The responsibilities of a chief executive officer involve decision making, communication and management. They need to advise the board of directors; motivate employees and bring changes in an organization. A cover letter for a chief executive officer should be powerfully drafted. It should give an insight of the writer's persona and how effective he might prove to the organization. Candidate's skills and past experiences should be the highlight of the letter. The letter should be quite impressive as it dictates the high level of the position the candidate holds and it also questions the candidate's intelligence and managerial skills to successfully carry the daily routine of the job.

Chief Executive Officer Cover Letter

Charles V. Whaley,
2155 Coolidge Street,
Plevna, MT 59344,
(406)-971 5972.

Date: August 20, 2008.

Mr. Bryan H. Owens,
ABC Entertainment,
257, Park Avenue South,
New York, NY 12345-6789.

Dear Mr. Owens,

With a stellar track record of increasing market share, profitability and product offerings, it is a pleasure to submit my resume to apply for the President of ABB's South American Division. I believe that, upon review, you will recognize that my innovative strategies are exactly what ABB needs to take the organization to the next level.

My greatest strengths match the necessary skills for the consistent growth and success of most organizations. These include:

  • Excel at identifying untapped markets and business opportunities both nationally and internationally.
  • Expertise in developing profitable partnerships and forging global strategies alliances.
  • Strong track record of bottom – line responsibility for product launch, pricing, marketing and promotional initiatives.
  • A career–long history of consistently increasing productivity and reducing costs.
My dedicated business insight and detailed knowledge of increasing operations while leading strategic marketing activities will allow me to impact your bottom line. I am very much confident and you will get an invaluable resource from my experience and drive.

ABB Company intrigues me as an organization that realizes the importance of inspiring teams to reach new heights; the very type of vision that has defined and propelled my career. I look forward to discussing your objectives and how we can work together to accomplish them.



Charles V. Whaley.


Sample Chief Executive Officer Cover Letter

Gary J. Brewer,
3396 Biddie Lane,
Richmond, VA 23222,
(804)-586 7149.

Date: October 7, 2011.

Mr. Jeremiah E. Rojas,
4269 Mulberry Street,
Center, TX 75935.

Dear Mr. Rojas,

The objectives and planning laid by DFG Corporation in today's Times is quit impressive. I perceive that it would a challenging task to achieve the tough expectations looking at the current market trends. I would very much like to be part of such an organization to exceed my limits and bring in the unexpected. Attached is my resume for your perusal.

I have a prove track record working as the Chief Executive Officer for Simmons Corporation for the past 22 months. I hope you must be well aware of the position our firm held before two years and what its current standing is in the market. There has been immense growth as far as the standard of service and reputation the firm holds in the present time.

I do not intent to take all the credit for the success the firm attained in mere two years but the way things worked as far as planning, direction and its execution is concerned. I feel ecstatic with the results and it has been one of the biggest achievements of my career.

I wish to deliver more but unfortunately couldn't continue for personal reasons. I would be glad to take the realms once again for a new challenge and come up with a bigger triumph.

I would be glad to discuss your future objections and detail and also what I could bring to the firm. Please call me on the above telephone number to arrange for a mutually convenient time to meet. I assure you that my past experiences would prove an invaluable asset to your firm.

I look forward to hear from you and I thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Gary J. Brewer.



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