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What is cover letter? This is one of the important questions that arise in the mind of every job seeker. But many of them do not know the exact meaning and purpose of cover letter. The main purpose of the cover letter is that it helps in getting a good job in any of the organization with a relevant profile. In other words, cover letter acts as a career booster, highlighting the essential parts of your resume in a positive manner. Whenever you are drafting a cover letter, make sure that the information is correct and to the best of your knowledge; otherwise it can create problem in future. The cover letter should be short and precise The cover letter is divided into 3 parts: the header i.e. the first is the introduction section that includes the main purpose of drafting the cover letter i.e. the post for which you are applying, the second is the information section that includes the past and present experience, educational qualification, other professional details, achievements, extra-curricular activities and the contact details along with the telephone number and email address and finally we thank the recruiter for their valuable time in going through the cover letter.

There is a particular format for constructing a cover letter, i.e. it should start with the details of the job seeker including their name, address, telephone number and email address. Then come the current date or the date on which the cover letter is posted to the employer. This is followed by the details of the employers including their name, designation, name of the organization and the address of the organization. Then comes the subject line which includes the motive for drafting the cover letter, followed by the reference (if any). This reference sometimes acts as important aspect in getting a job. After that the main section of the cover letter is written, which we have already discussed in the earlier paragraph. At last we conclude the cover letter with the salutation part such as yours sincerely, faithfully and put a signature along with your name after that. Remember to attach the resume and the essential documents with the cover letter. The thanking cover letter is very important to show your appreciation to the referrer.

Thank You Letter to Referrer

James I. Vila,
2538 Clearview Drive,
Denver, CO 80221,

Date: October 5, 2011.

Mr. John A. Mendoza,
Sr. Marketing Manager,
Amazon Technologies,
1083 Waterview Lane,
Santa Fe, NM 87501.

Dear Mr. John,

Thanks a lot for your reference in XYZ Company for the position of engineer. Only due to your reference, I was able to be short listed for the interview round by the recruiter. I am a graduate in engineering and my sole objective in life was to work for the core sectors, as an engineer.

I have also updated my resume and made the valuable changes that you suggested to me, i.e. highlighting the credentials, keeping the cover letter short and concise with relevant information. Also on your suggestions I have highlighted my strengths and achievements.

Thank you once again for taking out you precious time to provide me proper guidance. Looking forward to see you soon in future.


James I. Vila.

This is one of the best thanking letters to the referrer and it will certainly help to draft a thanking letter in future. In conclusion, sending a thanking letter is always very nice to show your gratitude towards the person who referred in scheduling an interview round with the recruiter. It is important that you end the thanking cover letter on a positive node.

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