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Software engineers are professional who are trained in computer science. These professionals apply their skills and experience in designing and testing software. The software can be anything from designing the automobile engines, determining how the mood of the weather will change, testing how the important organs of your body are performing, and much more. Since the information technology industry contributes a major portion of the country's revenue by exporting the software to other countries, the demand for software engineers are growing day–by–day.

To find a job in the desired company, it is essential to construct a winning cover letter focusing on your technical skills and experience from the relevant industry. You may have all the worldly experience of your field, but unless you show it to the employers in the right way, you would not find the job. This important aspect can be well taken care of with the help of the cover letter.

Cover letter is a professional letter written in a personalized manner. The idea behind writing is to introduce you to the prospective employers, and highlight your technical skills and expertise. It provides reasons to the employers for considering you for the position. It is no different from a sales letter where the sales representative is trying to attract customers in buying the product by highlighting the benefits they can derive from possessing the product.

As every detail of the cover letter holds importance, the starting paragraph is the most crucial one. You have to attract the readers' interest by constructing an effective opening paragraph. As the employers would not be investing more than few couples of minutes, or seconds in reading your letter, you have to convince them that you are an ideal candidate for the position in a short and concise manner.

Here is a sample of a software engineer cover letter that can help you in putting your technical skills and experiences in a succinct way.

Software Engineer Cover Letter

Thomas S. Ross,
4317 Summit Park Avenue,
Southfield, MI 48075,
(248)-000 6719.

Date: October 31, 2011.

Mr. Lawrence J. Pollard,
HR Manager,
Universal Software,
97 Charack Road, E–Zone Building.,
Southfield, MI 48070.

Dear Mr. Pollard,

Are you looking for an experienced software engineer who has a proven track record in designing and testing software that meets the clients' specifications and adds enough value to your reputation in the software development? If yes, then let me take this opportunity to apply for the position.

I have a bachelor's degree in computer science from ABC University, and a total of nine years experiences in development and testing software. After completing my studies, I joined a local company as a junior software engineer and worked for two years. The software–development exposure I got there earned me a job in another company. I stayed with that company for three years and contributed a lot in developing and testing software for manufacturing industries. I take great pleasure in stating my contribution in developing software for an electronics equipment manufacturing company. The software has helped the company in reducing their production cost and solving the defects in products.

Currently, I am working with I–Solutions for the last four years. My responsibility is to develop and test the mobile application software for next generation. I am taking care of the design, testing, coding, and documentation aspects of the software. I am comfortable working in Windows, Linux and UNIX platform. I am good in different programming languages that include C, C++, Oracle, VB, SQL and Java. Further, I have vast knowledge of latest developer applications such as OOD, and self–testing automation.

I have provided technical solutions to clients in their house and through online. The best part of my technical skills is to design and develop software as per clients' budget and on time. I am interested in meeting with you to discuss the possibilities of employment. You can reach me at the given number at your convenience. I look forward to a positive response.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas S. Ross.


This sample cover letter is an unsolicited application and hence, the starting paragraph is written in a different style to attract the reader's attention. If it was written for an advertised job, you would have mentioned the source of the job listing. The rest of the paragraphs would be the same in both the cases where you would be highlighting your technical skills and trying to prove yourself different from other candidates.

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