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Sample Job Cover Letters Reference Recruitment Agency

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Reference letters as it is rightly named are used to add an extra edge in your attempt to find a new job. Since lots of time and money are put at stake, the company prefers someone who can provide a reference about your work. For this, you need a good social network that can testify or provide evidence about your professional conduct, skills and experience. By getting references from you, your future employer would feel confident in appointing you for the job if they find you suitable.

As references play an important role in getting selected for the job, you can take help of recruitment agencies, which provide this type of services. Recruitment agencies are the right place to approach if you are lacking contacts in your field. You will have to pay their fees in order to avail the service, which is worth spending since these agencies have a good contact with companies.

Whenever companies need to recruit candidates for a particular position, they contact recruitment agencies and detail them their requirements. If the job position is matching your profile, the agency contacts you and gives their reference to apply for the job. When you are aware about the job opening from the recruitment agency, you will have to write a reference cover letter.

Before writing the letter, ensure that you are well informed about the company's requirements. Try to make out what skills and experiences are to be highlighted so that the hiring manager gets attracted in your profile. As you are writing a reference cover letter, you will have to name the person and the recruitment agency from whom you got the reference. This is essential because the company may not have advertised the job opening, and by adding the name of the agency, the hiring manager would easily relate the letter with the job opening.

Sample Of Reference Cover Letter For Engineering Job

Larry J. Parsons,
1136 Grey Fox Farm Road,
Katy, TX 77450,
(281)-000 71934.

Date: October 31, 2011.

Mr. Daniel L. Ramos,
HR Manager,
ABC Motors Ltd.,
4787 Wright Court,
Katy, TX 77455.

Dear Mr. Ramos,

I am thankful to Mr. Ronald Atkinson of ABC Recruitment Consulting Services for referring me to the job opening of an automotive engineer in your company. I am in contact with Mr. Atkinson for the last six months, and we share a good professional relationship. I have spoken with him and got clear understanding about your requirements. I feel you will find me suitable for the job if you read through my enclosed resume.

I have been following this engineering career for the last eight years. During this entire time, I have worked in production, research and designing levels. I have contributed my designing and developing skills in manufacturing the engines of the latest SUV for major brands. I played a key role in the designing and development part, which took almost two years to make a new breakthrough in the automobile industry.

Ever since my college days, I was deeply interested in designing engines for motor vehicles. I persuaded my interest and completed my studies in mechanical engineering from AAA University. My internships and experience have made be competent in solving all sorts of a problem on the designing and production levels. My technical, mathematical and soft skills are exceptional. I am good in communicating and interpreting complex data. These eight years have taught me to be persistent, motivate and committed towards my profession.

I hope you will find my skills and experience relevance with the job. I would like to meet you personally and talk in detail about the benefits you can enjoy by offering me the position. I will call you next week to know about your interest in my profile. Thank you for considering this application for the position.

Yours sincerely,

Larry J. Parsons.

Resume – myresume.doc

It does not matter which field you belong to, you can still take help of the recruitment agencies in finding the job. Since engineering is the hottest selling brand in the job market these days, we have written this sample cover letter with that point. You can customize it according to your skills and experience regardless of your field when applying for the job through the recruitment agency reference.

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