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Sample Salary Negotiation Before Joining

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The feeling of receiving an offer letter for a new job is something that makes you lively and joyful. Because you have done lots of preparations to grab that job and you are happy to see the results. Still, you have to cross the most important line before you actually start working with your future employer. Did you guess it? Yes! It is the salary issue. The intensity of your exhilaration would slope down the moment you find the compensation package not as you expected. You are caught in a situation where you cannot decide whether to enjoy the moment or be sorry for it.

I can understand the dilemma you are going through. Everyone wants a high salary job, and at the same time, they do not want to appear important. You may also be afraid to quote the figure and still dream of the high pay. Relax! There is no need to put pressure, or raise your heart beat. You still have a chance. How? Negotiate the salary with the employer. Hold on a moment, before shooting up your salary concern, first try to consider all the factors that could help you reach your dream amount.

When negotiating the salary with the employer, you will have to deal with them very delicately. First, find out what others at par with your skills and experience are earning. If you are a new entrant in the field, research what other entrants are receiving. If you are in the management field, then you must know what salary they are drawing. This will give you confidence, and you may not sound out of this world.

Next, try to evaluate yourself. You will definitely find a change in your confidence level. You may have done the assessing portion while facing the interview. But this time, you will have to think over it differently because you will be evaluating yourself for salary negotiation. When the employer calls you for a discussion, you would be able to put your points in a logical way.

When you have done your groundwork and evaluation, start to write the salary negotiation letter to the employer. Now, you have better reasons to convey why you are eligible in receiving the salary equivalent to your skills and experiences. This sample cover letter written to negotiate an engineering salary would guide you to draft your letter.

Salary Negotiation before Joining

Willie M. Johnson,
1584 Flint Street,
Atlanta, GA 30303,
(678)-000 1349.

Date: October 10, 2011.

Mr. Edward C. Brunson,
Hiring Manager,
ABC Associates Ltd,
3394 Briercliff Road,
Atlanta, GA 30300.

Dear Mr. Brunson,

Words cannot express my joy for receiving the job offer letter from ABC Associates Ltd. The reputation your company commands in the engineering domain is something that has lured me to be a part of it since a long time. With this offer letter, all my persisting attempts in stepping my foot in your company has paid off. I am thankful to the management for selecting me. All the terms and conditions mentioned in the offer letter suits me. However, I would like to see few changes in the compensation package.

I know it is a dream of thousands of people to work in your company. Nothing can boost their career better than your company. I am honored to find a place for myself with such a great organization. If the compensation package could be altered on a little higher side suiting my skills and experiences, my joy would see no ends. I believe that a hike of 40% to my present salary, which is $XYZ per month is quite a convincing figure.

I admit the importance of adding a brand name like yours in my resume, and I respect it. If you could acknowledge my request and make the necessary changes in the pay packages, I will appreciate it for my entire life.

I am eager to meet you and discuss personally my salary issue. I am waiting for your call. My joining date is October 26, 2011.


Willie M. Johnson,

Keeping in view the broad engineering disciplines, I have written this sample of a salary negotiation letter that you can use it for any type of engineering job. I have not mentioned the current salary drawn. Moreover, my expected salary is a 40% hike than my actual salary. You may change it according to your need, and the current market rate, or the industry norm.


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