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If you are a fresher and desperate to embark upon an engineering career, then it is better to get focused on it from the start itself. You can choose the number of options available in finding the jobs. Such as attending the campus interview, creating an account on the job portals and surfing the employment column. You can also approach your professor, friend, or a colleague and ask them to suggest some genuine person who can help you in the job search as well as guide you on the career's aspect through his/her wealth of experiences in the engineering field.

Once you have the name and contact details of the person, the question is then how to approach that person. You cannot go to his/her office directly for suggestions. You need to go through a proper channel, and do it in a professional manner. You can either call the person or speak to him/her about your intentions.

However, there are some drawbacks in contacting that person through the phone calls. It is possible that he/she might be busy at the time of call, or can disconnect it seeing a new number flashing on the cell. To avoid this, it is better to write a reference letter. By opting to write a letter, you would have an ample time to describe your intentions of writing. You will have to include the name of the person from whom you got the reference. This is important because the referrer will be someone who the readers know personally.

Reference Letter for Suggestions for Engineering Jobs

Fernando J. Hawthorne,
1500 Civil Lane, 10th Street,
Carlisle, MA 03478,
(123) abc-1349.

Date: October 6, 2011.

Mr. Jason J. Bell,
Manager – Operations,
ABC Engineers Ltd,
120 Machines Avenue North,
Carlisle, Ma 03478.

Dear Mr. Bell,

I am lucky to have been suggested by Mr. John Mercury, Sr. Sales Manager with ABC Machines to contact you and seek a piece of advice from someone as experienced and as knowledgeable like you. He also advised me to ask if there is any opening available for a production engineer position in your company as I have recently earned my bachelor's degree in production from AAA University. I am also attaching my resume with this letter and would like to know your opinion on it.

I have the knowledge about the manufacturing process in the industry, and am quick in grasping and keeping phase with any latest technology. My internship tenure with XYZ Company has helped in improving my communication skills and ability to multi-task. During this period, I have been sincere, punctual and enthusiastic about my work. And I will remain likewise for the entire career. My supervisor, Mr. Ricky Fraser can comment on all these three aspects in details. I can provide you his contact number if you need to satisfy your doubts.

While working, on behalf of my department, I have interacted with customers and helped them in solving problems related to hardware, and other aspects of production. I even participated in the monthly meeting conducted by the senior members of the company. I have worked closely with production engineers and participated in designing and developing production machines used in the automobile industry.

During the internship, I have shouldered my responsibility with merit. I understand production engineers have a crucial role to play in the company's growth and development. Production engineer is the person that liaison with clients to deliver the best designs that meet their productions needs, and provide engineering solutions for the machines designed and manufactured by the company.

Please let me have the honor to meet you and gain some knowledge through your words of wisdom. Please acknowledge my call that I will be making on October 14 during the lunch time to get your appointment.


Fernando J. Hawthorne,
Senior Student, Electrical Dept.,


This sample letter is perfect as it tells the reader what the writer is trying to achieve by writing it. All you have to do is make the readers clear about your intention in the first paragraph of the letter. Include the name of the person who has given reference to you. Mention the education and experience you have achieved in the field. In the end, ask a convenient time to meet them so that you can talk at length about your career, and seek their advice.

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