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Sample Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter

Mechanical engineers have wide options to work in. They mostly work in a company that manufactures machines. They are also employable in construction, medical and power industries. They are responsible for the mechanism that helps in movement by consuming energy.

If you are from an engineering background, then you have to get accustomed with writing cover letters. Your mechanical engineer cover letter should communicate your skills in designing, building and testing machines and products. The letter should be precise and persuasive to fuel the readers' interest in calling you for a meeting.

Instructions on writing a mechanical engineer cover letter

  • Always maintain the length of the cover letter to one page. The letter should be formatted in such a way that the readers must feel it comfortable in reading it. Don't use lengthy paragraph. Try to include three to four sentences at the most.

  • Type the letter in a documentation tool that has the spell-check features. The letter even with a single spelling or grammatical mistake will create an impression of amateurish, and may eliminate you from the selection process.

  • The cover letter should address the job requirements. You must try to give information about your skills and experience that is needed for the job.

  • Describe your experiences and highlight one or two skills that are particularly needed for the job. Mention some of your accomplishments. Explain how your achievements will help you in performing the job as per the employers' expectation.

  • Write about your education qualifications and engineering background. Basically, the employers will prefer a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering for the position. List some of the project you have completed while studying your engineering subjects.

Sample Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter for Entry-level

Russell N. Tiffin,
4668 Viking Drive,
Dublin, OH 43017,

Date: October 24, 2011.

Mr. James Thomson,
HR Recruiter,
ABC Associates,
3569 Delaware Avenue,
San Francisco, CA 94108.

Subject: Application for the post of assistant mechanical engineer
Reference: Advertisement posted on your company's job portal dated October, 22 2011

Dear Mr. Thomson,

With the reference to the Advertisement posted on a job portal of ABC Associates, I am applying for the position of assistant mechanical engineer. I have just completed engineering from XYZ University. I have a good academic career with excellent attentive and grasping power. I also possess a good written and communicational skill. I have completed 6 months of internship from ABC Associates, where I learned many things such as analyzing different products, designing process, applying the principal of engineering, operating and maintaining mechanical products and learn the installation process. In brief, I saw the full production process that involved gathering of raw materials, feasibility study (economic feasibility, technical feasibility and behavioral feasibility), analysis, designing, implementation and post implementation and maintenance. This internship proved to be very much beneficial for me, and I am confident that this experience will surely help in the further development of the organization.

Along with this internship, I have also done some of the mini projects in colleges. I have a unique style of working and good knowledge of the domain. I have excellent problem solving technique. The rest of the details that comprises my academic qualification, personal details, contact details, achievements, project details and extra-curricular activities are explained in detail in the resume attached to this cover letter.

Thanks a lot for reading the cover letter. I would be very glad if you call me for a small interview session, so that it would be easy for me to clear your doubts, if any. I would be waiting for your reply. You can call me up anytime. My contact number is 540-764-3002

Warm regards


Russell N. Tiffin

Enclosures/ Attachments:
Resume- myresume.doc
Copy of certificate of graduation
Copy of certificate of post-graduation
Copy of the recommendation letter from the Head of the Department

Sample Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter for Experience Candidate

David J. Stone,
2561 Vesta Drive,
Park Ridge, IL 60068.
(773)-693 1507.

Date: September 22, 2011.

Mr. Clayton M. Andrews,
Recruiting manager,
ABC Financial Limited,
2547 Ridenour Street,
Sunrise, FL 33323

Subject: Applying for the post of assistant mechanical engineer in ABC Financial Limited
Reference: Advertisement in the Express newspaper dated October 21, 2011.

Dear Mr. Joseph,

I am drafting this letter in response to the advertisement posted in the Express newspaper dated October 21, 2011. I have a total experience of 10 years in this field and currently I am serving for ABS Services for the last 5 years, as assistant mechanical engineer. I am also leading a team of 10 people where I am responsible for the overall production activities i.e. from the start of the production to the end of it. I am also responsible for keeping a keen watch on the activities of my team members and their associated work.

My educational qualifications and professional summary are self-explanatory. The rest of the details are contained in the resume attached with the cover letter. If you find me eligible for this position, please feel free to contact me either via email or telephone number. My email id is and contact number is 773-693-1507.

Thanks for your time and consideration

Yours Sincerely,


David J. Stone,

Enclosures/ Attachments:
Resume- myresume.doc
Copy of certificate of graduation and post graduation
Copy of experience letter from the previous organization
Copy of the salary slip of last 3 months

Above are the two sample cover letters for the position of mechanical engineer; one for entry-level and other for the experience candidate. You can refer to anyone for drafting your own cover letter.

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